Unrestricted Praise song “Greater Is He” is doing great things on radio.

Unrestricted Praise is a family group, and although they faced many challenges, they were able to remain dedicated to the call. In life there are many challenges that might break you or make you, and for Unrestricted Praise those challenges have built lasting love, mutual respect, and a spiritual bond, through Christ. As servants of the Lord, Unrestricted Praise is always willing to serve, and because of their obedience and lining up their will with God’s, many doors have opened for Unrestricted Praise. When God opens doors for you they are always more than you could ever hope or dream of, and God’s open doors have taken this anointed group to higher heights and deeper depths through worship. IFacebook: Unrestricted Praise | Instagram: praiseunrestricted |Twitter: @unrestrictedPr1

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