Tina Hunt & Family Devotion new single “He Is With Me” is a foot tapping, hand clapping song that you will enjoy..

Tina Hunt & Family Devotion is a family Quartet group out of the Carolinas. Known for their heartfelt songs deriving from their own personal testimonies. The group consists of Mrs Tina Hunt (lead vocals/songwriter). Along with her daughters Morgan Hunt (vocals, bass, drums), daughter Brooke Hunt (vocals/songwriter), Minister Darryl Deaver (vocals, keys), D’Andre Pittman (bass).

Mrs. Tina had been singing for over 30 years before she & her husband Tony founded the group around 2008 along with their daughters.

Their first album, Family Devotion, was produced by Mr. Ray Braswell and featured the such songs as “Living Above the Ground” and “I Can’t Make it”

Their follow up album was produced by Mr. Demetrius Ledbetter with the title track “He’s With Me”, “Anything”, and “Step by Step” which was nominated for Song Of the Year.

“FamDevo” as they are affectionately called, were nominated in 2018 for 5 Rhythm of Gospel Awards.

“Our goal is to always live what we sing about & that our music greatly bless everyone who listens”. 



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