Sjuwana Springfield and the Children of from Alabama isa awesome quartet group that you MUST hear

Sjuwana Springfield has her roots in the great state of Alabama, home to hundreds if not thousands of gospel artists that go from community to community spreading good southern gospel music.   Born and raised in a religious environment, Sjuwana was always part of this culture.  She formed her group, “Sjuwana and the Children of God” in 1992, in the Cincinnati area.  The group today consists primarily of family members who sing and play instruments.  Members include, Joellyn Bivens, Anthony Gray, Christavious Gray, Kameishia Black, INdiya Black and Darius Byers.

In 1997, Sjuwana Byers and the Children of God signed with internationally acclaimed Jamalar Agency and Rampart Street Music, a roots music agency and record label located New Orleans.  They have multiple recording projects under their musical belts.  “Just Havin’ Church”, released in 1999, topped radio charts in Florida, Alabama, Colorado, Tennessee, Ohio and the Carolinas with their hit single “Nobody’s Fault”, while their second release, “Alive in Greenville”, did equally well with regional radio and expanded their footprint.  2005 saw the release of “Pick Up The Pieces”, Sjuwana’s prayer that post Katrina New Orleans and her survivors will be able to pick-up-the-pieces and come back better and stronger.  In 2010, they released Alive In Cincinnati, which included the hit single “After The Storm.”  IN 2016, they completed a live recording that will be released in 2017.The group’s song writing, and performance style is not at all typical.    In fact, it’s quite unique, especially in today’s industry.  Their music is deep-rooted, traditional and gritty; much like groups from the 1950’s, such as The Caravans the Davis Sisters.  Yet with a contemporary twist. 

Over the years, Sjuwana Byers and Children of God have received numerous awards and accolades.  Some of these include Best New Artist of the Year (1998) from the American Gospel Festival in Birmingham, Alabama, Best Artist Award (2006) from the Ester Wooten Gospel Quartet Convention and Best Gospel Quartet (2010) from the “I Hear Music Awards.”  They have performed across the United States, as well as abroad in places like Italy, Spain, Germany and France.

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