RevNations is for Upcoming/Unsigned Artists that’s looking for the #1 Pusher to prepare you for that next level.

RevNation, a consultation, brokering, and out-sourcing company for Independent music artists, RevNationMusic.

In essence, RevNation is the independent artists’ one-stop shop to present as professional as possible but within the constructs of an up-coming Indie artist financial budget. RevNation was birthed out of the 2020 pandemic challenge which created many challenges for those in the music industry and especially Independent music artist contractors. Today, RevNation is committed to work hard for our clients and to help create opportunities for not only our clients to continue to operate in this new social climate but to thrive in it as well!

Welcome to RevNationMusic, a consultation, brokering and out-sourcing company for Independent music artists or better known as “Indie Artists’ Number 1 Pusher”! 

RevNation offers serious Independent music artists on the move with professional consultation, which spans over 30 years of music industry experience along with high quality out-sourcing and brokering opportunities.

Specializing in areas of radio promotions, studio productions, booking, management, strategic branding, high quality and affordable video production as well as consultation of distribution, marketing, and social media strategy. We also offer consultation for natural vocal health.

Please visit:

RevNation, LLC, Consultancy Agency

P.O.Box 6374, Columbia, SC 29260

Tel: 803-570-2675 Email:

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