Recording Artist Michael A. Potts got New music for you to listen too

Many great song composers write out of life’s personal experiences and challenges. Well, this song was birth, in part, from various ministry opportunities. 

Like the story of the Prodigal son, we sometimes give way to recklessly, unwise, and extravagant way/living. However, the blessing in the testimony is his repentant return to his father. 

With all the challenges facing many, I believe this song will speak to the hearts of many.  The lyrics are the focus point.  A gentle word reminding listeners that God is yet calling and standing with out-stretched arms. 

As we begin our journey through 2021, it’s refreshing to know that, despite life’s various challenges, God remains sovereign!!! 

Grateful for your ministry and support of independent artist like myself. 

Be blessed knowing that HE loves us!!!

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