Read about this young 9 years old, dancer, actress and Tik Tok sensation Varonica Mitchell who has a great future ahead of her

Varonica Mitchel, born March 26, 2011 to Thomas and Vanessa Mitchell (Danielle, sister) in Henderson, NC. She made her first steps in to the dancing and entertainment world in 2014 at age 3. Since the start of her dance career, she has appeared as a main lead dancer in a dance academy group called “iDance Praise Academy”. She has danced with National recording artist Kalontae Gavin and American Gospel Singer and song writer Pastor Shirley Ceaser. She has also appeared on CW22 Armunda Hancock Television show (dancers) for the 103.9 The Light Radio Station Love Tour (Raleigh, NC) She has also been featured in a video shoot with MG Music Group NC (Roxboro, NC)

She began to venture out into the acting and, modeling field in 2020. She saw that her current fans and supporter of her dancing, quickly took notice of her natural acting ability. With that the social media show she calls “The VV Show” was born. Her social media followers will recognize her for her amazing voiceovers and her humorous commentary and monologue ability, to interpret movie scenes and skits, hilariously and effortlessly.

Varonica T. Mitchell Birthday: 3/26 Age: 9 Weight: 55 lbs Height: 4 ft 5in Size: Small – 8 to 10 kids Has had professional Acting, and modeling training. Dance training as well. Talent: monologs, (can cry at direction), Quick learner, competitive dancer, big personality. Trainer stated that Varonica can apply for roles for age 6 to 11 depending on need, due to her petite size and voice.

Varonica has had professional acting and modeling training, since the start of her social media show. She is an honor roll student at Henderson Collegiate Elementary school, 4th grade an dis best known for her determination spirit, dancing and her star like presents, even off stage. Varonica’s highlights can be found on all social media platforms:
Facebook: The VV Show
Instagram: thevvshow
YouTube: The VV Show
TikTok: @thevvshow

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