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Sharron was raised in a family of 10 singers and pianists – six brothers, one sister, and her parents. She was the soprano in the sibling’s octet – performing at events and churches throughout their Johnston County community as, The Jenkins Family. As a teen, Sharron was the Sunday morning pianist and lead vocalist for a small church in Selma, N.C. During her college years, music became more than an emerging passion, music became Sharron’s ministry. In 1991, Sharron’s vocal talent won her the title Miss National Black College Alumni Hall of Fame (an HBCU campus queen academic/talent competition) and a spot in Jet and Ebony magazine. Throughout the 1990s and early 2000s, she was one of the lead vocalists for a 12 piece “orchestra-style” jazz band in Chicago called, The Eddie Harrison Band – performing 2 to 3 nights a week at venues and events throughout Chicago. Sharron performed on several televised/radio programs in N.C. and Chicago including WRAL TV morning news, Tarheel Talks TV show, Spiritual Awakening, Gospel Radio, and a brief impromptu performance for Oprah and Simon Cowell on the Oprah Winfrey Show in the mid-1990s.  As a member of Salem Baptist Church of Chicago (over 15,000 members), Sharron sang on the praise team and participated in a gospel music tour in Russia (Riga, Latvia, Liepaja, Daugavpils, Gipka, etc.). 

Although music is her first love, Sharron holds a doctorate’s degree in chemistry and as a scientist/biophysical chemist, she spent most of her twenties in graduate school trying to find a cure for her brother’s (Ebony) neurological disorder, Neurofibromatosis.  But Ebony’s death ushered in a new gift and a new calling on Sharron’s life – suddenly she was hearing and writing songs in her sleep and in her dreams. She began to immerse herself in music as a means to spiritual, emotional, and physical well-being. In the early 2000s, she co-led a health and music workshop with Richard Smallwood for an organization called “United for One Cause” (a Mark Hubbard nonprofit) – an event that drew the presence of well-respected artists like Donnie McClurkin and Donald Lawrence. She’s a published author of several textbooks, but Sharron’s first publication, “African American Health Disparities”, included the release of her first recording entitled “The Lord’s Prayer”.  As Sharron began to immerse herself in her music, Borders Books and Music sponsored a series of book signings and live band performances at several of their bookstores in North Carolina and Chicago.  Her unique background landed her a continuous request for workshops, talks shows, public speaking engagements, and televised interviews.

One of Sharron’s first recordings was written and produced by Michael Gray and Tim Gant who were writers for well-known artists like The Backstreet Boys. To date, Sharron has written, produced, and released 10 songs; and the first song “Heaven” was written in a dream, produced by Terry Moore, and released in 2001. Sharron’s single, “Yes”, was released in 2016 and her album “Whoa” was released in 2017.  In 2018, Sharron’s unique musical rendition of Maya Angelou’s Poem, “And Still I Rise” landed her an offer from Cage Bird Legacy and CMG Worldwide to co-author with Maya Angelou the release of Maya’s poem as a song. The new single would be called “Sharron’s And Still I Rise”; and today, the song is featured on Maya Angelou’s official website. So, if you are looking for a new sound. or a little inspiration with a neo-soul Christian vibe, Sharron just might be your muse.  Sharron is a “unique” talent who often states, “Biophysics is my training, but music is my calling”.  Sharron is also one of the newest artists to join the roster of RevNation – a “one-stop-shop” for music management, brokering, and out-sourcing for independent artists.

If you are looking for a little neo-soul, R&B inspiration, you are looking for the up-and-coming, recording artist, Sharron.


“And Still I Rise”

“Yes” single:




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