Read about Pastor and Recording Artist Timothy Newton

Pastor Timothy R. Newton Sr. is a native of Hamlet, North Carolina. He is the youngest of eight children born to Bishop Artis C. & Mrs. Dorothy H. Newton. Pastor Tim, as he is affectionately known to many, began his preaching ministry in 2002, following the horrific death of his brother and best friend, Mr. Travis J. Newton, Sr. in

2001. This tragic, life – changing event caused Pastor Tim to surrender and submit to the will of God for his life. He has a life changing testimony of how he came to understand that God had chosen and called him to minister to a generation of people that were gifted and talented, but not operating in their call. The mandate on his

Life has opened ministering doors for him throughout the east coast. 

Ministry doors opened in 2012, allowing Pastor Tim to release a sound word to reach the masses during an interview on The Word Network in Durham, North Carolina. He’s ministered several times on The Word Network, hosted by Bishop George G. Bloomer, since April 2012.

The prophetic and healing anointing entrusted unto Pastor Tim God has brought release, restoration and deliverance to many. He has received numerous ministry certifications in his desire to enhance his biblical studies. 

He’s the proud father of one son, Timothy Newton, Jr., who accompanies his father during his ministry travels. Pastor Newton is the senior Pastor of The Flowing Place Ministries; currently located on 110 Bible Way Church Road; Rockingham, North Carolina. Many gather from far and near to witness a demonstrated word of salvation, faith, hope and power. The Flowing Place (formerly Bible Way Ministries) stands firm in its mission to empower, edify and equip the whole man to live Christ-centered lives.

Pastor Newton is a father, vocalist, disciple and ever-learning student of the Word. God has mandated this anointed vessel to reach masses with a word of empowerment. Pastor Tim is also the author of a manual entitled “Misconceptions of Warfare.” He has recently released an empowering book entitled “Power Words.” Pastor Tim will also be releasing LeaderTips (a guide for senior and secondary leaders) and Pastoring with Passion (a guide to restoring pastor’s passion to pastor) in the near future. As he travels the world, Pastor Tim accepts the God given mandate to “Impact Lives, Empower Generations.”

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