Malakh began seeking to please the Master in song around 2016 after years of hearing the Spirit continually commanding him to sing. So he would, but it would be while he was in congregational unison hymns, or a pre sermon hymn, and also worship among many. So the Lord united he and a very skilled vocalist/musician Felecia Bazile together in Holy Matrimony in 2003. Malakh was at the time serving/working in Word ministry as an assistant Pastor in Fort Wayne Indiana. Being very shy at stage performance of any kind he was not so much at teaching/preaching the Good News. In 2007 he was guided by the Spirit to move to Vegas where some of his family abode as he was instructed by God that He had a better ministry for him in this entertainment city. This Word was like a mystery for him and his wife for a while until his work slowed down very mysteriously, and God instructed him to help Felecia in her music project, whereby Malakh participated with her in the two songs she released. Her second release “All The Man” featuring Malakh seemed to do better in many venues than her first song “Come Back”, though “Come Back” has continued success. And it was her second song that was the Spirit’s confirmation that God had called Malakh to sing. Felecia went home to be with The Lord in 2019 with Malakh by her bedside, and he, Malakh, is continuing this work He (The Lord) has began with the two of them, to minister in song.

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Be U Ministry mission is to use music and arts to encourage self-love, bridge the gap between young and old for generational healing, give back to communities in need, and spread the gospel. “Because Greater is Better” is the first official single released by Be U Ministry. This song was born from a lecture to help stress the importance of loving yourself more than stealing, skipping school, trying to fit in, or doing anything that stops you from being the best you that you can be. You can download or stream on all streaming services.

Featured artist, 14 year old Triston and 12 year old Tremel, co write, produce, sing, rap, dance and act. The talented duo started leading praise and worship in two different family churches as soon as they could talk. Today, Triston and Tremel attend The First Baptist Church of Glenarden where they serve on the #unashameddmv praise team under the leadership of Reverend Jonathan Queen and with the Chosen Generation Praise team and choir under the leadership of Reverend Stephen Hurd, Anthony Brown, Chooky Caldwell, Larry Vaughn and Minister Mike McCoy.

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Who is Recording Artist and Book Author Monique Jefferson?

When I was young, I had several people in my life tell me I would be nothing. They thought because of my size, style, circumstance, and complexion that I would be a statistic. I am glad I didn’t listen to them. My uncle Jade taught me to use what God gave me and it would make room for me to see and go placed others couldn’t imagine. God gave me the gift of poetry and music. He helped me to see intelligence is true beauty. My Mom always told me “If I didn’t say it about you, it is not true. You are different for a purpose. Use it to help others.” She told me “it was my job to keep her well.” So I use what God gifted to touch the hearts and souls of his people. My Grandfather Sam and Uncle Ray taught me to be me and be creative and unashamed of the gifts and talents God gave me.Greatness doesn’t come from what you have tangibly. It comes from the legacy of love and life that you create and leave. In daring to be great you can’t follow the crowd. In daring to be great you have to set precedence to be more than your environment and circumstances.

We are fearfully and wonderfully made according to Psalms 139:14a. I dare to be great for those who follow me.
Over the course of my life I have had many mentors and teachers pour wisdom into and push me to do great things I thought I was not qualified to do. My Motto is Phil 4:13 “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” While our timing is not God’s timing his timing is always in season

Born March 16, 1982, Ernest B. Gonder Jr. was raised in Deerfield Beach Florida where he is known as a skilled musician, community leader, anointed psalmist and a prolific teacher of God’s Word. It was evident at an early age that God’s call was upon Ernest’s life. At the age of 13, under the tutelage and nurturing of his parents, Dr. Barbara and Apostle Ernest Gonder Sr. (deceased), he began working as a leader in the ministry. At the age of 17, Ernest’s parents recognized that there was a call upon him to proclaim the Word of God. After accepting the call, he was licensed as a Minister in 2002. In 2008 He was ordained and affirmed to the office of Pastor.

Pastor Gonder founded and served as Senior Pastor of The Impact Center for 10 years before obeying the command of God in 2019, to expand his Ministry beyond the four walls of the church. Pastor Gonder now specializes in music ministry, mentorship, preaching, financial coaching and leadership development. Pastor Gonder has a passion to see the people of God grow spiritually and evolve in Christ. With a strong emphasis on leadership and culture change, Pastor Gonder challenges all people to take their rightful place in this earth and be who God has called them to be.

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Motivational Speaker, Life Coach, Business Consultant, Best-Selling Author

I develop individuals who are Potential Seekers to Grow, Expand, Reach and Maximize their potential so they can fulfill their purpose.

It has been my pleasure to serve as a Certified Life Coach, Business Consultant, owner of 2 Home Care Businesses and the owner of CNA Business Solutions. My home care business received an award of being the best in Newport News 2019 for the service we provide in the community. As a child, I was the person who loved unconditionally, motivated and encouraged those around me.

My desire to help others blazed within me more as I got older. I discovered my purpose by pushing others daily to maximize their full potential and became very transparent with my journey wanting others to embrace hope in their journey while having the confidence that I am the coach for them.