TeSchara Teel is a true Woman of Worship originally from the state of Connecticut, who now resides in the Jacksonville, Fl. area. TeSchara sings and writes Spiritual music designed to simply allow God to move mightily in the lives of those who hear it. Her desire is to draw her audience closer to God, desiring for a better, deeper relationship with Him. Seek FIRST the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and all things will be added unto you. (Matthew 6:33). “Love Him, Learn Him, Live Him”. TeSchara started singing at the tender young age of 3 in “The Starlight Choir” at her home church East End Baptist Tabernacle Church. From there, God began to cultivate a life of love for Him and music within her. As time went on, God gave her a passion to sing, dance and act for Christ. TeSchara participated in many plays, off Broadway productions, educational videos, commercials, dance recitals, and more. She had the awesome opportunity to sing for the Pope in Italy with her Highschool Chamber Singers Ensemble. TeSchara gave her life to Christ in 2000 while under the leadership of Pastor Johnny Wells and Pastor Joseph McRoy. It was then that she began to write songs divinely imparted into her from The Holy Spirit. TeSchara is so grateful for the amazing opportunities that God has given her. He has allowed her to serve as the Minister of Music under the leadership of Apostle Felicia Stanley, at BeautyforAshes International Ministries. God is placing people in TeSchara’s life to push her further than she could have ever imagined. In October of 2020. TeSchara released her Freshman CD “Prayer Changes Things.” TeSchara’s Ultimate prayer is that there is a life changing blessing in at least one song, one word or one note for each person who hears her music. She truly knows that “Prayer Changes Things.”

Alfreder (Freda) Gardner is a melodious vocalist hailing from New York City by way of Brooklyn and the Bronx.  Although she had some health challenges in her early years, BUT GOD answered her parent’s prayers and she was able to overcome her maladies.  Following the path of her mother, siblings, and aunts, Freda began using her gift of song at the tender age of 5, at The New Frontier Baptist Church – Brooklyn, New York. Her gift led her to the High School of Music and Art (Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School of Music & the Arts) where she honed and augmented her musical talents. The mantra of the city is “if you can make it here, you can make it anywhere;” however, her dreams of grandeur and fame were delayed and detoured. After the loss of her biggest supporter, her earthly father, Freda veered away from the call of her heavenly father vowing to never sing gospel again.  BUT GOD! 

What the devil meant for your bad, God’s grace and mercy will work it out for your good…Freda became what some would say a statistic, a pregnant high school dropout… BUT GOD! Realizing the importance of education, she quickly attained her GED and full-time employment.  The Lord says, I’m with you all the way for it was GOD… who delivered her from an abusive marriage and opened a door for a job opportunity in Washington, D.C.  A praying and discerning aunt encouraged her to attend church and sing to GOD’s glory again. Her gift enabled her to sing on choirs, events and programs. The announcement of working on this project for those close to her was met with an “about time,” response. Freda heeded to her favorite scripture Jeremiah 29:11 – For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, says the Lord, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope – “In GOD’s Time.”

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Gospel, jazz and classical Psalmist, song stylist, writer, motivational speaker and teacher, Lisa Bellamy has used her gift of song to inspire the young and the old for many years. Pouring her heart and soul into showing others the joy of life through song is something she can trace to childhood.  “My love for singing was embedded in the roots of my family tree and planted in my spirit at the age of nine,” Lisa shares.  “My grandmother, Pauline Gray, kept music as an integral part of our family culture and foundation. And as a little girl, I sat and watched as my mother, aunts and uncles gathered around the piano to sing old spirituals and favorite traditional songs that are still customary in our family today.” As I grew older I joined, as did my other siblings and cousins and it is still a tradition today. 

She says her desire is to write and sing melodies that bring a sweet spirit of praise and worship into your heart, mind and soul – evoking the sense of purpose she felt after tearfully singing her first song in public at Macedonia Baptist Church of Arlington, Virginia as a little girl.  Listen to Lisa sing now and you will hear and feel jazzy overtones and contemporary sounds that fans, gospel artists and entertainment industry executives say is a refreshing style that is sure to move you. Beyond music, Lisa is also touching the hearts of young people through motivational speaking and teaching – another trait evolving from her childhood. “I listened to stories narrated by my grandfather, Samuel Bellamy, aunt Rosetta and aunt Charlotte, who provided detailed descriptions of how “mother”(my great-grandmother) Lottie Bellamy played at one of the town’s local churches (Lomax AME). Music has always been in the center of Lisa’s heart, however, now as a minister and educator, Lisa is ready to share her music with the world. Combining a mixture of family-inspired gospel with depth of spirit, with skills she developed as a certified trainer, Lisa uses visual and vocal offerings to deliver inspirational messages that have motivated young people around the nation.  Ultimately, she says, her goal is to reach into the heart of thousands of young people and women, and show them that all things are possible through Jesus Christ, using her life’s path as an example of God’s grace.

The Arlington, Virginia native began her formal training at the prestigious Duke Ellington School of the Arts in Washington, D.C., where she enriched her gift for song with a classical foundational technique that supported her love for the soulful roots of gospel. At the Shenandoah Conservatory of Music in Winchester, Virginia, Lisa fine tuned her classical vocal skills through opportunities to perform in operas such as, La Boheme, as well as choral concerts in Germany and Switzerland.  Over the years, she has continued her study of classical voice, now as a vocal coach. She infuses classical technique, jazz and gospel into her praise and worship music and enjoys approaching her writing from the all three genres.

Lisa was a finalist on the BET Gospel Diva Search Competition broadcast on the Bobby Jones Gospel Hour, and has traveled to Paris, France on repeated occasions to perform with evangelist Liz McComb from 2000-2003.  “This was a true blessing that changed my life … it was truly humbling to see the beauty of the Lord manifest in the art song and creativity,” she reveals. Singing in one of the most beautiful cathedrals in the South of France, in Lyon, changed my perspective on sharing my music with the world.  “It was a powerful worship and praise experience that was made even more pleasurable because I was performing with Liz McComb and the distinguished composer, producer and vocalist, Edwin Hawkins, whom I learned so much from. Performing in some of the world’s most beautiful concert houses truly provided such richness and appreciation for the world’s view of music.” 

While committed to inspiring others, Lisa says her personal desire is simple and rooted in her lifelong pursuit to be used as a tool in the Lords’ garden through music, and to bring souls to Christ.” 2020 brings Lisa’s long awaited sophomore project, “Wake Up America to the world.” 2020 is a year of perfect vision and God sees and knows all. 

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Rico L. Dawson, native of Goldsboro, North Carolina, completed his high school education at Goldsboro High School in 1986. After completing active duty with the United States Army in 1991 he enrolled in Elizabeth City State University where he received his Bachelor of Science degree in Music Industry Studies with a concentration in Music Business Administration in 1995. It was during his military years that Rico’s musical journey began. In 1987, while serving in the U.S. Army, Rico became a member of the amateur R&B group, “Finesse.” At this time, he wrote the single, “To Be With You.” During his college years at ECSU, he performed with the group, “Next Episode.” At this time he wrote “A Lonely Night: and co-wrote, “You’ll Never Find Another Love Like Mine.” The latter was recorded by “Next Episode” for ECSU’s CD compilation project “Check the Resume: Vol. 1.” After the breakup of the group in 1995, he worked as an intern for Intersection Records, an independent record label. While there, he wrote and recorded the demo interlude, “Don’t Look No Further.” When the record company unexpectedly closed, he returned to North Carolina.

Upon returning to the Carolinas, Rico began working with a local producer, Lee Tate. This collaboration birthed the songs “Promises” and “Come Back to Me” in 1997. In October 1998, he participated in a music seminar sponsored by WNAA-FM radio station. In December of that year, he showcased his demo for the Philadelphia Music Conference in Philadelphia, PA. After taking a year away from the music scene, he returned in the spring of 2000 to collaborate on a local compilation CD “Goldsboro 27530.” On that CD he wrote and recorded three songs, “All I Want to Do,” “Do You Wanna Dance,” and “Turn Away.” These three songs were well received on the underground circuit. In 2001, he co-wrote and sang background on the single “Take Our Time” on Richard Ashe’s debut independent CD, “Anticipation.” The single received good feedback in the Durham, NC area. During that time, Rico began to teach music education in the Wayne County Public Schools. He wrote, produced, and arranged numerous original music selections for several schools from 2001 – 2004. n the summer of 2004, Rico gave his life to Christ, thus putting him on a different path, musically. He no longer produced music for man’s glory, but for God’s glory. He began to put together gospel music selections and with God’s help, he produced numerous contemporary gospel music selections. In 2006, Rico wrote and produced his debut contemporary gospel CD, “It’s Time.” Due to lack financial resources Rico was unable to get the project commercially ready. Once again Rico took time away from music to establish a stronger relationship with Christ. During that time of the wilderness, Rico continued to write songs, but he didn’t record anything again until 2008. Rico pursued possibilities of becoming an established songwriter. Although he received some interest, the interest didn’t materialize into any legitimate offers. Once again Rico has written, produced, and recorded several God-inspired songs. Rico’s desire that through his music that the body of Christ is edified, God be glorified, and the un-believer is inspired to repent and turn to the Lord. He is currently working on additional musical selections as well as having served in the capacity of choral director at Rocky Mount High School during 2011-2012 school year. His original composition “Dreams The Impossible Dream” was also performed by the school chorus in the past year’s Christmas concert. He has been working various musical selections of various genres. He currently is a choir director at Charles B. Aycock as well. He is in process of putting the finishing touches on his debut CD titled “Suppose To Be”. The project will consist of ten God-inspired songs that he hopes will inspire God’s people.

I call myself G.W.P. it stands for God’s Warrior Prazin’ It’s the stage name God gave me when he saved me. He changed my name just like he did some of the other people in the bible when He changed them.  I grew up hating my given name…”Roger” until the Lord showed me what it means. The name Roger actually means “God’s Warrior”. The Word says if you are in Christ you are a new creature. The Lord not only changes you from sinner to saint but he completely changes who you were all the way down to your character. He changed Saul to Paul, He changed Abram to Abraham. Well, He did the same thing to me. He changed me from who I was to who I am now.  I was born and raised in Gary, IN. Home of Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, and all the rest of them Jacksons.  Anyway, I’ve played and sung music all my life It’s the only thing I’ve ever wanted to do and I tried to make a career out of it my whole life but with little success.      
    I lived in South Bend IN for several years. There I met a young man who has become one of my best friends, named Anthony Gullens aka TSwang and we formed a group called NINE. That was the best group of people I’ve ever worked with. We had the distinction of being the first local group to get airplay in regular rotation on what was the first urban radio station in the area, WSMK 99.1.
I believe the Lord has been calling me all my life but I chose to ignore Him and do my own thing, not smart, cause if God wants you He’s gonna get you, remember Jonah?  I gave my life to the Lord in 1995, and let myself get into some bad situations that caused me to “go through” as they say for about 3 years, but I was a baby Christian and didn’t know what I didn’t know, you know? In 1999 I got a call that changed my life forever.  A friend called me to tell me that my mother had died in a fire in the house I grew up in. Well prior to this happening God had given me a vision of me moving back home, (to Gary, IN) and I told Him no I wasn’t going… Yup, I told the creator of the universe … NO… ?!!! Guess where I went back to?   I’m on a different path now than when I was in the world. No longer self serving. My goal is to see people saved, learn more and more about how to live this life the way God intended, and teach that to others.
I used to think this music God gives me was only for young people; but after the responses that it gets from many age groups, I believe that it is for whosoever will receive it.  I try to make what I do a conglomeration of jazz,  r&b,   funk, soul, rock, hip hop, & even a little church music in an effort to reach people. ( That IS what the Word says be all things to all men, so that some might be saved). My last CD is called THERE’S NO TIME IN HEAVEN and the new project in the works is called I.M.N.U 

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Malakh began seeking to please the Master in song around 2016 after years of hearing the Spirit continually commanding him to sing. So he would, but it would be while he was in congregational unison hymns, or a pre sermon hymn, and also worship among many. So the Lord united he and a very skilled vocalist/musician Felecia Bazile together in Holy Matrimony in 2003. Malakh was at the time serving/working in Word ministry as an assistant Pastor in Fort Wayne Indiana. Being very shy at stage performance of any kind he was not so much at teaching/preaching the Good News. In 2007 he was guided by the Spirit to move to Vegas where some of his family abode as he was instructed by God that He had a better ministry for him in this entertainment city. This Word was like a mystery for him and his wife for a while until his work slowed down very mysteriously, and God instructed him to help Felecia in her music project, whereby Malakh participated with her in the two songs she released. Her second release “All The Man” featuring Malakh seemed to do better in many venues than her first song “Come Back”, though “Come Back” has continued success. And it was her second song that was the Spirit’s confirmation that God had called Malakh to sing. Felecia went home to be with The Lord in 2019 with Malakh by her bedside, and he, Malakh, is continuing this work He (The Lord) has began with the two of them, to minister in song.

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Be U Ministry mission is to use music and arts to encourage self-love, bridge the gap between young and old for generational healing, give back to communities in need, and spread the gospel. “Because Greater is Better” is the first official single released by Be U Ministry. This song was born from a lecture to help stress the importance of loving yourself more than stealing, skipping school, trying to fit in, or doing anything that stops you from being the best you that you can be. You can download or stream on all streaming services.

Featured artist, 14 year old Triston and 12 year old Tremel, co write, produce, sing, rap, dance and act. The talented duo started leading praise and worship in two different family churches as soon as they could talk. Today, Triston and Tremel attend The First Baptist Church of Glenarden where they serve on the #unashameddmv praise team under the leadership of Reverend Jonathan Queen and with the Chosen Generation Praise team and choir under the leadership of Reverend Stephen Hurd, Anthony Brown, Chooky Caldwell, Larry Vaughn and Minister Mike McCoy.

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Who is Recording Artist and Book Author Monique Jefferson?

When I was young, I had several people in my life tell me I would be nothing. They thought because of my size, style, circumstance, and complexion that I would be a statistic. I am glad I didn’t listen to them. My uncle Jade taught me to use what God gave me and it would make room for me to see and go placed others couldn’t imagine. God gave me the gift of poetry and music. He helped me to see intelligence is true beauty. My Mom always told me “If I didn’t say it about you, it is not true. You are different for a purpose. Use it to help others.” She told me “it was my job to keep her well.” So I use what God gifted to touch the hearts and souls of his people. My Grandfather Sam and Uncle Ray taught me to be me and be creative and unashamed of the gifts and talents God gave me.Greatness doesn’t come from what you have tangibly. It comes from the legacy of love and life that you create and leave. In daring to be great you can’t follow the crowd. In daring to be great you have to set precedence to be more than your environment and circumstances.

We are fearfully and wonderfully made according to Psalms 139:14a. I dare to be great for those who follow me.
Over the course of my life I have had many mentors and teachers pour wisdom into and push me to do great things I thought I was not qualified to do. My Motto is Phil 4:13 “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” While our timing is not God’s timing his timing is always in season