Varonica Mitchel, born March 26, 2011 to Thomas and Vanessa Mitchell (Danielle, sister) in Henderson, NC. She made her first steps in to the dancing and entertainment world in 2014 at age 3. Since the start of her dance career, she has appeared as a main lead dancer in a dance academy group called “iDance Praise Academy”. She has danced with National recording artist Kalontae Gavin and American Gospel Singer and song writer Pastor Shirley Ceaser. She has also appeared on CW22 Armunda Hancock Television show (dancers) for the 103.9 The Light Radio Station Love Tour (Raleigh, NC) She has also been featured in a video shoot with MG Music Group NC (Roxboro, NC)

She began to venture out into the acting and, modeling field in 2020. She saw that her current fans and supporter of her dancing, quickly took notice of her natural acting ability. With that the social media show she calls “The VV Show” was born. Her social media followers will recognize her for her amazing voiceovers and her humorous commentary and monologue ability, to interpret movie scenes and skits, hilariously and effortlessly.

Varonica T. Mitchell Birthday: 3/26 Age: 9 Weight: 55 lbs Height: 4 ft 5in Size: Small – 8 to 10 kids Has had professional Acting, and modeling training. Dance training as well. Talent: monologs, (can cry at direction), Quick learner, competitive dancer, big personality. Trainer stated that Varonica can apply for roles for age 6 to 11 depending on need, due to her petite size and voice.

Varonica has had professional acting and modeling training, since the start of her social media show. She is an honor roll student at Henderson Collegiate Elementary school, 4th grade an dis best known for her determination spirit, dancing and her star like presents, even off stage. Varonica’s highlights can be found on all social media platforms:
Facebook: The VV Show
Instagram: thevvshow
YouTube: The VV Show
TikTok: @thevvshow

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Bishop Leonard Scott, the professor of hymns, teams up with the legendary Rance Allen in one of his last performances. They come together and breathe new life into the vintage spiritual “Throw Me Overboard.” It’s fitting that it debuts in Black History Month since its origins wind back to the slave community that was shipped into the Georgia Sea Islands off the coast of the Carolinas in the 1800s.

However, these two gentlemen of gospel have completely fast forwarded into the 21st century with a funkified up-tempo contemporary rendition that boasts wah wah guitar licks, booming bass and a lot of passion. Allen’s gruff roar is the perfect counterpoint to Scott’s Smooth delivery. All in all, it’s a celebration of the comfort and shelter that believers can always find in the bosom of God.

A Professional Process Engineer by day, Solomon is also the bestselling Author of “Easy Songwriting For The Beginner”. Added to that, he is a, Singer, Song writer, Recording Artiste and Worship leader in his local church – the Fountain of Love Aberdeen for the last 13 years. He was co-founder of two different a capella groups i.e SOP (Sounds of Praise) and Q-Praise (Quality Praise) that wrote ALL their songs and mentored younger groups and other singers to do the same. A couple of his songs include the globally acclaimed and world class singles “Remember” and “Most High”.

He is also the Host of The Song Writing Hub on Facebook and Youtube where he coaches and encourages singers, choirs and other interested parties to write their first song. He has been featured on various platforms like Radio31, Heartsong Live and Rejoice America Radio.

Solomon believes that his music & ministry has one purpose i.e to speak restoration and healing always to situations, relationships, minds, emotions, bodies and ministries. He believes that an open and honest relationship with the Father (no pretence or excuses about mistakes, gaffes or sins) engenders an atmosphere that allows the Spirit of God to not only “birth” new songs that carry His unction in deed but also address the various issues in the Body of Christ.

He lives in the UK with his family.

3 months after the release of his last single (Nara Ekene), Solomon is back with the full album titled “Eklektik Worship”. The styles evinced and expressed in this album were evidently influenced by a variety of genre. However, weaving through all these styles is the consistent recognisable sound of Solomon’s heartfelt worship. Included in this album are his previous singles “Remember”, “Most High”, “You Are God” and “Nara Ekene”.


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Joseph Robinson and The Chosen out of Atlanta Georgia is back again with a new “HIT” single entitled              “It’s Already Done”



The Chosen Aggregation was established on October 16, 1993 in Atlanta, Georgia; under the direction of the Late Minister Dirk B. Chaney. Since their inception, they have been a Ministry of excellence and commitment to spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ through music and song. The Lord called the leader and visionary of this ministry home November 17, 2002. Bro. Joseph F. Robinson, Jr. became the new Executive Director of the Ministry.

Joseph and the Choir released “BE GRATEFUL”, a cover single and tribute to the Late Pastor Walter Hawkins, on December 22, 2017.  Their latest single, “BE STILL”, was released June 7, 2018 and on July 20, 2018, the choir’s 4th full-length CD project, entitled, “ANOTHER LEVEL”, was released worldwide. Under his direction; The Choir has toured the United States and Europe. They have appeared at the, Stockholm Gospelkor Festival in Stockholm, Sweden, The Gospel Music Workshop of America, The Thomas Dorsey National Convention, STELLAR Awards Weekend Celebration (Las Vegas), T.I.M.A. Artists Showcase (Las Vegas), HEZEKIAH WALKER CHOIRFEST (Atlanta and Las Vegas), The Indiana State Fair and many local and surrounding churches throughout Atlanta and the Country; Recorded their first “Live” Concert DVD * Raise The Praise 2 and their 3rd CD recording, “Eyes Have Not Seen”. ​At the close of 2018, Joseph Robinson and The Chosen Aggregation celebrated with a finale anniversary, commemorating 25 years of music ministry. 

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Lisa Bellamy is an Arlington, VA native who began her formal training at the prestigious Duke Ellington School of the Arts in Washington, D.C., where she enriched her gift for song with a classical foundational technique that supported her love for the soulful roots of Gospel music. At the Shenandoah Conservatory of Music in Winchester, Virginia, Lisa fine-tuned her vocal prowess allowing her to now infuse classical technique, Jazz, and Gospel into her Praise and Worship music.  She is a song stylist, writer, motivational speaker, and certified trainer who has kept the music at the center of her heart by combining a mixture of family-inspired Gospel with a depth of spirit and passionate truth.    Her  virtuoso voice has taken her abroad to performances in Germany, Switzerland, and a tour of France with famed singer Liz McComb, and the late Edwin Hawkins.  Lisa released an impressive debut album LIGHTHOUSE in 2004 and is now releasing a timely 6-song EP WHAT WILL IT TAKE.  WHAT WILL IT TAKE is a brilliant album of poignant worship songs, socially conscious empowering lyrics, and sweetly arranged ballads. The album features the smooth jazz-styled “What The World Needs Now” featuring William Fluker on trumpet and includes Lisa’s soulful Gospel radio single “Nothin’ But The Spirit” which is impacting Gospel radio now.

WHAT WILL IT TAKE is produced by Lisa and her husband William Fluker.  The album also features award-winning guitarist Jonathan Dubose and Billboard Chart-topping R&B singer Tony Terry.  Her Jazz-infused album is available now on all digital music outlets. 

I call myself G.W.P. it stands for God’s Warrior Prazin’ It’s the stage name God gave me when he saved me. He changed my name just like he did some of the other people in the bible when He changed them.  I grew up hating my given name…”Roger” until the Lord showed me what it means. The name Roger actually means “God’s Warrior”. The Word says if you are in Christ you are a new creature. The Lord not only changes you from sinner to saint but he completely changes who you were all the way down to your character. He changed Saul to Paul, He changed Abram to Abraham. Well, He did the same thing to me. He changed me from who I was to who I am now.  I was born and raised in Gary, IN. Home of Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, and all the rest of them Jacksons.  Anyway, I’ve played and sung music all my life It’s the only thing I’ve ever wanted to do and I tried to make a career out of it my whole life but with little success.      
    I lived in South Bend IN for several years. There I met a young man who has become one of my best friends, named Anthony Gullens aka TSwang and we formed a group called NINE. That was the best group of people I’ve ever worked with. We had the distinction of being the first local group to get airplay in regular rotation on what was the first urban radio station in the area, WSMK 99.1.
I believe the Lord has been calling me all my life but I chose to ignore Him and do my own thing, not smart, cause if God wants you He’s gonna get you, remember Jonah?  I gave my life to the Lord in 1995, and let myself get into some bad situations that caused me to “go through” as they say for about 3 years, but I was a baby Christian and didn’t know what I didn’t know, you know? In 1999 I got a call that changed my life forever.  A friend called me to tell me that my mother had died in a fire in the house I grew up in. Well prior to this happening God had given me a vision of me moving back home, (to Gary, IN) and I told Him no I wasn’t going… Yup, I told the creator of the universe … NO… ?!!! Guess where I went back to?   I’m on a different path now than when I was in the world. No longer self serving. My goal is to see people saved, learn more and more about how to live this life the way God intended, and teach that to others.
I used to think this music God gives me was only for young people; but after the responses that it gets from many age groups, I believe that it is for whosoever will receive it.  I try to make what I do a conglomeration of jazz,  r&b,   funk, soul, rock, hip hop, & even a little church music in an effort to reach people. ( That IS what the Word says be all things to all men, so that some might be saved). My last CD is called THERE’S NO TIME IN HEAVEN and the new project in the works is called I.M.N.U 

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Ajahni is a Houston based songwriter who was born in Jamaica and grew up in Brooklyn New York. He is a husband, father, and local music publisher through his company Liberty Under Grace.

Check out his social media and Spotify below


Porschia is a singer/songwriter who delivers the message of the Gospel with an eclectic flare and a myriad of musical styles. Her passion for God is evident in her lyrical approaches and energetic performances. Her debut album, Introducing Porschia, was released in 2009.

She has released several singles (“Declaration”, “Instruments”, “Hero”, & “Royalty Free”)and an EP (“Rise”) since that time.

Porschia has performed on shows with Mali Music, Wess Morgan, Jessica Reedy, and Damita Haddon. In addition, she also performed a duet with internationally renowned singer/guitarist Jonathan Butler. Porschia is currently working on her next album entitled “Appointed Time”, scheduled for release in early 2021.

Porschia is also an actress and has performed in the stage play “The Resentful Brother” and the stage play “Escaping Temptations”.

Porschia is a mother of two and serves at Real Life Christian Fellowship Church in Port Wentworth, GA (near Savannah, GA) as a worship leader, minstrel, and social media director.

I would like to introduce the Music of Indie Gospel Artist Anissa Stewart. This native New Yorker is an Actress, Gospel Recording Artist, Songwriter, Evangelist, Praise and Worship Leader, Graphic Artist, Teacher, Wife and Mother of 2, residing in Maryland. Being born and raised in the church to a musical and God fearing family, allowed her to develop a relationship with God and a love for the Arts, at an early age.

She has shared the stage with or sung background for various Artists such as: J. Moss, Kevin Lavar, LeAndria Johnson, Jessica Reedy, and her cousin, Lil’ Mo. She has also been involved with and performed in 7 stage plays and appears in “Voice or Fire” on Netflix. Anissa released her first Gospel CD project “Anissa’s 42nd Chapter” when she turned 42 years old.

She has 3 singles on ITunes and recently released her 11 track sophomore project entitled: “RESTORATION”, which is available on all major digital outlets. Anissa appreciates all that God is doing through her ministries, and has a real passion for using her gifts and talents to bring glory to God, and to uplift and encourage His people.