Meet Intentional Life Consulting Gwendolyn Tyson from Greenville North Carolina..

Gwendolyn Tyson, PhD, LCMHCS

Gwen is from Greenville, NC & has lived in NC for most of her life. Growing up in a single parent home with meager resources, she was motivated at an early age to be successful in life. Gwen didn’t know exactly what success meant, but she had a good idea about what it wasn’t. She became interested in learning & growing personally & professionally & she wanted to bring everyone along for the ride. She was a high achiever at work & at church, but she wanted to become a person of excellence in every area of her life. She stopped coasting & allowing life to happen to her & she started making life happen for herself & for others around her. 

She earned a M.S. degree in Counselor Education from East Carolina University in 2006 & a Ph.D. in Counseling from Mississippi State University in 2015. She is a licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor & Supervisor in NC & has over 15 years of experience educating & empowering individuals in higher education & in private & community agencies. Her mission is to teach clients how to make decisions & cope with life’s challenges & become more intentional & proactive instead of being reactive or simply existing.

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