Introducing Gospel Artist Stevania who is from Zambia.

Stevania is a singer and song writer who is originally from Zambia. Her music combines excellent melodies with thoughtful gospel lyrics, inspired by faith, spirituality and her Christian belief. Recently, the artist took to the internet to release brand new studio single named “Life Of Remedy”

Stevania wrote this prophetic touching and heartfelt song as a divine response to the current state of things in the world-namely, the COVID-19 pandemic, which has affected and still affecting many people lives. This powerful track reminds us that although we might be experiencing some unprecedented dark times, there is something greater than ourselves out there. God love is salvation and it brings hope to many people’s souls. If they are willing to accept it and open their hearts. Jesus can be the healer, the cure, the comforter, the best friend that sticks closer than a brother, and even the shoulder to cry on that people in the world need right now! This song is all about that and it seals the deal with some astonishing musical chops too!

Find out more about Stevania and listen to the new single, “Life Of Remedy” which is now available and roaming on music streaming platforms, stores and apps such as Spotify, iTunes, Apple music, Soundcloud, Amazon and elsewhere on the web. For more information please visit:

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