Have you heard about The Singing Nurse? Her vocals will blow your mind.

Tanesha The Singing Nurse has been singing since the age of five and as she began to grow so did her voice. The name Singing Nurse came from Tanesha being a singer and a Registered Nurse. As a Gospel artist it was a great to be distinguished. Tanesha has been known to sing on The Dorinda Clark-Cole show, The Word Network, Bobby Jones Gospel and many more. She has opened up for Lashuan Pace and has traveled with Gospel giant, Twinkie Clark (from the Clark Sisters)  and many more. She has also created a jingle on a OWN Network show titled The Six Little Mcghees. 

Tanesha has won many awards.  Best Female Vocalist in Columbus, The Best inspirational Singer In America (Radio One), Best Music Video and more. Tanesha is known for singing to patients and for events, but is also known for her work as a Registered Nurse, Author, Coach and Songwriter. She is a co-author for the book titled Daughter’s of Triumph that is available on Amazon and other platforms. 

Services Provided

​Singing – Are you in need of a singer for your event, project or conference?  Songwriting- Do you need a writer for your upcoming album or single?          Jingles- Are you in need of a catchy short tune for advertising, branding or commercial use?    Vocal Coaching- Are you in need of someone to help you with singing techniques, breathing and confidence?

Twitter: @Thesingingnurs_

Instagram: @TaneshaTheSingingNurse


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