Elder Randall Ogans Sr. is no stranger to the Christian/Gospel music industry. Born in the San Francisco Bay Area, he accepted Jesus Christ as his personal savior at the age of seven, and has continuously been active in the Church in a multiplicity of capacities ever since, never leaving.

At the age of 10 he began studying and playing the piano and the Hammond B-3 organ. At the age of 13, he began playing for choirs throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. He was trained in classical music, but was gifted to play gospel music, and to share the Word of God thru speaking, preaching, and through his music.

Elder Randall Ogans Sr. is married to Elder DeBorrah K. Ogans. Both are ordained ministers. In 1995 they founded Alpha 7 Ministries and were the Executive Producers of several artists from the San Francisco Bay Area.

Having been fortunate enough to travel and tour Europe, he has experienced the freedom in Christ, and realization that “the earth is the LORD’s, and the fulness thereof; the world, and they that dwell therein.” Psalm 24. His travels have taken him to Greece where he has climbed Mars Hill, spoken of in the book of Acts. This is where the apostle Paul said “It is in Him that we live, move, and have our being”. He has also traveled to France, Spain, Italy, England, Turkey (Ephesus), and Switzerland where he has ministered in song at some of the largest cathedrals in that country.

Being able to engage with a diversity of people, cultures, and ages all over the world provided him with a global perspective of God’s true universal Church, better understanding the opportunity, privilege, and calling to minister to all people.

In March, 2020 he released his first single, an inspirational message/spoken word entittled “We Need To Pray”. Released during the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic , this message encourages us to pray for the saints, the sinners, our families, and this world which is quickly spiraling down a slippery slope. If there was ever a time we need to pray, it’s now.

On the heels of this release is his instrumental Christian/Gospel CD entitled “What A Friend”. Elder Randall Ogans Sr. and his son Dorian L. Ogans, present a few classic hymns, bathed in smooth instrumental arrangments, as well as original compositions that will speak to you in the universal language we call “music”.

“What A Friend” includes 7 compositions that will calm the agitations of the soul, and will set an atmosphere for spiritual reflection, prayer, and studying the Word. Instrumental music advances worship when the listener is able to recall sacred lyrics in their mind, as the songs are being played. Each song on this CD has a message that will speak to your soul.

Elder Randall Ogans Sr.’s favorite scripture is:

“Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly in all wisdom; teaching and admonishing one another in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing with grace in your hearts to the Lord.” Colossians 3:16

This scripture provides the context for his music ministry, and his primary focus when ministering in song.

Tina Hunt & Family Devotion is a family Quartet group out of the Carolinas. Known for their heartfelt songs deriving from their own personal testimonies. The group consists of Mrs Tina Hunt (lead vocals/songwriter). Along with her daughters Morgan Hunt (vocals, bass, drums), daughter Brooke Hunt (vocals/songwriter), Minister Darryl Deaver (vocals, keys), D’Andre Pittman (bass).

Mrs. Tina had been singing for over 30 years before she & her husband Tony founded the group around 2008 along with their daughters.

Their first album, Family Devotion, was produced by Mr. Ray Braswell and featured the such songs as “Living Above the Ground” and “I Can’t Make it”

Their follow up album was produced by Mr. Demetrius Ledbetter with the title track “He’s With Me”, “Anything”, and “Step by Step” which was nominated for Song Of the Year.

“FamDevo” as they are affectionately called, were nominated in 2018 for 5 Rhythm of Gospel Awards.

“Our goal is to always live what we sing about & that our music greatly bless everyone who listens”. 



Who is recording artist Jewel B?

Jewel B. is an artist based in Philadelphia, PA. She is a sultry and soulful American singer and songwriter. She is a revelator who creates music that heals the mind and heart; producing a creative, angelic, and captivating sound that has never been seen or felt before. Her music presents real life emotion and encourages people to face their inner self. Her desire is for listeners to always find themselves in the music she writes.

Follow Jewel on her social media sites.



Karen Montgomery is a native of Houston,Tx. Her musical talent and love of God were nurtured at home and in her childhood church. She has been singing in church since childhood and matured to having a great understanding and appreciation of the inspirational aspect of music.

She has written songs, formed and performed with musical singing groups and is now sharing her music and inspirational message through songs inspired by the Holy Spirit. Karen is currently sharing her gift at her home church and by invitation at churches and social functions. She is also continuing to record more of her original music that has been played on numerous radio stations throughout the country.

Karen is continuing her journey as an independent gospel artist and is excited about the future as she moves forward with the Lord leading her.

Please visit: www.reverbnation.com/karenmontgomery

Nah-Tarsha Cherry, at the age of three got on the stage with her mother and other adults upon the discovery that God had blessed her with a voice. This gift was undeniable to everyone around her and she went on to hold soprano in her mothers’ various gospel groups and choirs. By age ten, Nah-Tarsha performed with Gospel legends such as the Oneal twins and backing up Savoy recording artist Dorothy Bloat and Dorothy Norwood. She went on to receive a standing ovation at Harlem’s famous Apollo by the time she was ten years old.

Nah-Tarsha had entered a junior high performing arts school continuing her exposure to different genres of music and also performing at venues such as the Cotton Club, The Savoy Manor and the Sweetwater’s Supper Club, having backed up TV actress Charnele Brown from the TV series “A Different World”. Although her first love was music, by the time she had turned fifteen years old she had taken an interest in acting and was an extra in the motion picture “Lean on Me”. In High School she went on to create a gospel choir and that year received an achievement award for the town of Southampton, New York. After attending “five towns college,” a music college based in Long Island for a year she continued allowing God to use her voice and the anointing that he had placed in her.

In 1998 she got her first starring role in the off-Broadway gospel play “After All These Years”. She also went on to record several albums with her mother, which earned some airplay, and in 2006 was a part of the “Bobby Jones Gospel Summit 2006”. During this time Nah-Tarsha started to become clear that God was calling her into the ministry and in 2007 finally answered her call. God has seen fit to take this woman into the next level of her ministry. As she continues to be a blessingto the body of Christ, there has never been an audience that has not experienced that when she opens up her mouth, God truly has his hand on her. She sings with passion and conviction and is sure to be infectious to all that are around. In the words of the artist “Only what you do for Christ will last.” In 2011 her EP “Glad” was released receiving airplay in New York, Maryland, and California. In 2013 Nah-Tarsha Cherry released her new single “Strong “on iTunes, Google play and Amazon mp3 as well as a music video which can be seen on YouTube and Gospel Video TV and her commercials appeared nationally on BET and the OWN network.

In 2014 Nah-tarsha Cherry was featured in the April/May issue of Gospel USA, in an article named CHERRY ON TOP. She was one the recipients ofthe Lehigh Valley Soul Music Awards in the gospel category as well as a Leap of Faith Award for her work with the youth. The highly anticipated album “They that wait” was released in December 2014 on Itunes, Google play, Amazon mp3 as well as other online stores. Nah-tarsha Cherry’s “Even Me” video came out in January 2015, dedicating this video and album to her mother and manager the late Pastor D.E. Wright, having transitioned in July 2014.

For bookings or for more information, please visit: www.ncherry.org

LaDonna is a 2019 Female Gospel Alabama music award winner. She began writing music in 2000 when she moved to Detroit Michigan from Huntsville, AL to express her feelings at that time. Through the years she has critiqued and honed her craft. In 2006 she began recording her own music, Establishing her voice and her style. In 2009 LaDonna was selected to represent Alabama State University in the 105 Voices of History to perform at the Kennedy Center in Washington DC and later 2012 at the Grand Old Opry. She sang behind talents such as: Take 6, Tremaine Hawkins, Shirley Caesar and Wynona Judd. Through these experiences she found her calling to sing music that had a positive message. She began singing professionally in 2012 When she joined the band “Something Special” She sang behind blues artist Stephanie Pickett as the “Style Band” and toured with saxophone artist Vanyell and group H2O traveling across Alabama and shining.

In 2015 she began singing and touring as a duo with Gospel artist Jennifer Lee. She’s auditioned and made it to the top 10 in Alabama for The T.V. show X Factor. She has been featured in an article titled, “Music We Can Trust”. She later sang with Rayshun Walker and the Alabama movement choir. She also does voice over acting for audio book narration for Amazon audible, and doing credit repair a recent project she has started working on. She is also currently working on her new music project and is eager to continue walking the path that God has placed in front of her.

Angela Moss Poole brings a fresh sound to contemporary Christian/Gospel music.  She is a nationally acclaimed songwriter whose songs are being translated and shared all over the world. Her anthem and theme songs inspire us to overcome our obstacles. She continues to write for Film/TV and works with independent producers and composers in various genres.

Angela Moss Poole is a native of Richmond Heights located in Miami, FL. She began singing with her church choir at the tender age of 5. Poole is a graduate of Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University (FAMU) where she received her earned a Ph.D. in Leadership and a Bachelor of Science in Accounting.  She also earned a Master’s degree in Accounting from Florida State University. While attending college, Angela continued to sing in church choirs and continued to develop her love for music and songwriting

Angela’s love for God and philanthropy and  her passion for inspirational music propelled her to release her debut album Reflections, in 2007, and follow up project, Expressions, in 2012. She enjoys using her music to raise funds and awareness for the causes as domestic violence, cancer research, women and family empowerment, and financial education.

For bookings please visit: www.angelamosspoole.com/

So, it must have been 2001 by that time I am a five-year-old little girl maybe shy, maybe bashful but around family and my little cousins we all played in the yard and maybe we sang and danced but, then one day my teacher asked me to sing the national anthem and oh my was she pleasantly surprised. And it appears on that very day God had put me on a platform that just wowed everybody, and it was then that I accepted the gift and the blessing of the talent that I had to sing. And from then on, it just took off and here I am today. But, as time went on once I realized this gift that God has bestowed upon me, I had to harness this gift and I had to cultivate that. So, I cultivated it by joining the school choir where I led into singing. Then, I decided to join a Saturday class where we were able to sing at different events just constantly nurturing and cultivating my voice singing different styles and different types of songs just to kind of grow in that. My childhood was not easy so music for me was more less my release now. Once I realized that I had that blessing it seemed like no matter what else I went through everything was okay. I did not have the worst childhood, but I did not have the best and like I said it was not easy. But, that gift of mind that God has blessed me with was my comfort place, it was my happy place. I remember there were times no matter how great or how sad a day was singing made it better. If it was a bad day singing made it better. If it was a good day singing made it great. You know during those challenges it was like God found me. Because I know that I was astray. The light was off, and it was a beacon of hope. And that beacon was what I held onto. You know being a teenager trying to get closer to God it is not without its challenges. From the peer pressure. To do or not do certain things. It was tough, it was a battle but, in the end, God won, and I am grateful for it. you know singing in church and going to church helped me maintain the balance that I desperately needed. Between living for God and making my way back into the reality of life. Growing up as a kid I thought I wanted to be an accountant, but they say men make plan God laughs. Before I discovered this talent before I was placed on that platform in 2001 my mind was set on being an accountant. But now with my new blessing I decide to turn towards being a gospel artist and to inspire people with my story, to inspire people with the word in a way that they can relate to. Because I know that the challenges that I have faced I am not alone. Somewhere theirs a little girl somewhere going through the same thing. So, if I can help uplift people if my talent if my work can help uplift someone from the darkness and be that beacon of hope that is something I relish. I felt that gospel music gave me a sense of comfort everyday no matter what the day was like. In 2013 was a big year for me. I took a leap of faith. I moved to Charlotte, NC from The Bahamas with no mom, no dad, no family just a friend. New place somewhat different culture. Went to South Mecklenburg high. After High school I started writing songs. And I would just sing and sing like my life is depending on it. Singing was all I know. Yeah, you know people said to rest your voice but years ago I did not understand that I was younger. But as I am getting older, I see the value in being able to Have enough practice but also being able to rest your voice so you can be able to perform. 2020 has been a year. The pandemic notwithstanding. Families have changed the dynamics but were thankful. 2020 brought me some time allowed me to focus. Because you work you go home so during the pandemic, I had time. So, in that time I decided to put my brain to work. And become more of a writer, to become more of an artist. I am a mom I love my son. He is my inspiration and sometimes I look at my baby and see the miracle of God.

Malakh began seeking to please the Master in song around 2016 after years of hearing the Spirit continually commanding him to sing. So he would, but it would be while he was in congregational unison hymns, or a pre sermon hymn, and also worship among many. So the Lord united he and a very skilled vocalist/musician Felecia Bazile together in Holy Matrimony in 2003. Malakh was at the time serving/working in Word ministry as an assistant Pastor in Fort Wayne Indiana. Being very shy at stage performance of any kind he was not so much at teaching/preaching the Good News. In 2007 he was guided by the Spirit to move to Vegas where some of his family abode as he was instructed by God that He had a better ministry for him in this entertainment city. This Word was like a mystery for him and his wife for a while until his work slowed down very mysteriously, and God instructed him to help Felecia in her music project, whereby Malakh participated with her in the two songs she released. Her second release “All The Man” featuring Malakh seemed to do better in many venues than her first song “Come Back”, though “Come Back” has continued success. And it was her second song that was the Spirit’s confirmation that God had called Malakh to sing. Felecia went home to be with The Lord in 2019 with Malakh by her bedside, and he, Malakh, is continuing this work He (The Lord) has began with the two of them, to minister in song.

Social Media info:

Website: malakhbahnmasha.hearnow.com

Many great song composers write out of life’s personal experiences and challenges. Well, this song was birth, in part, from various ministry opportunities. 

Like the story of the Prodigal son, we sometimes give way to recklessly, unwise, and extravagant way/living. However, the blessing in the testimony is his repentant return to his father. 

With all the challenges facing many, I believe this song will speak to the hearts of many.  The lyrics are the focus point.  A gentle word reminding listeners that God is yet calling and standing with out-stretched arms. 

As we begin our journey through 2021, it’s refreshing to know that, despite life’s various challenges, God remains sovereign!!! 

Grateful for your ministry and support of independent artist like myself. 

Be blessed knowing that HE loves us!!!