You will be blessed by hearing “He’s Able” by recording artist Mike Robinson from Hampton Virginia

Mike Robinson is a Christian artist from Rochester New York,he is not only a singer/songwriter but he is also a husband a father and a servant of the most high. Mike’s love for music and art at a young age fueled his motivation and desire to be impactful to culture and community via his God given gifts. In addition to being an artist Mike created a live podcast called “Let’s Take a Walk” where he sits down with men and women from all walks of life to discuss the who’s what’s where’s and how’s of what they do. He has sat down with the likes of Keyondra Lockett, Monica Lisa Stevenson and Lisa McClendon. Mike is also a faithful member of Restoration Christian Church where he serves on the praise team. Overall, Mike is determined to Walk out his purpose. Mike is currently promoting his new single entitled “HE’S ABLE” from his forthcoming EP entitled Enough is Enough 

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