There’s a New Songwriter and Producer from Atlanta name Minista Zeal, that’s coming your way.

Minista Zeal was born in Chicago Illinois, raised in the projects and the son of a baptist preacher. He was raised in church, but his parents separated he turned to the streets, a life of gang banging and drug dealing.He ventured into the secular music and video industry and moved to Atlanta where he has worked with artist like T.I, Monica, The Franchise Boys, Jermaine Dupree, Big Boi from Outkast, Killer Mike, Young Jeezy, Yung Joc, Gorilla Zoe, Jodi Breeze, Bone Krusher etc .But it wasnt in Gods Plan to be successful in the secular industry. He wasn’t spiritually grounded enough which would have been dangerous. He was arrested in 2010 for a crime he didn’t commit, but it was God’s way of sitting him down to talk to him and get him back on the right track after serving six months in the Gwinnett County Detention Center. Reading the bible daily, Zeal was saved and born again and ready to do the Lords will and not that of satan. After being released, he joined First Baptist Church of Lilburn, became a member and was baptized. He has been through major trials and tribulations after being saved; losing everything he owned (house, car, job, studio). He still continued Praising the Lord with all his heart. He trusted that the Lord would bring him out of the house he lived in with no lights, water or gas for seven months.

The house was called the House of Prayer, there were no distractions and the Holy Spirit had a Powerful Presence. God spoke to Minista Zeal on December 31, 2011 and said to him write a album for Me . At that time Minista Zeal had writers block for over 15 yrs but God Blessed his pen and he wrote 11 songs in less than a month. The album entitled God is Love was written. At that time Zeal was on a 30 day fast. The Holy Spirit moved his pen and created this album. The new single No I’m Not Perfect is a powerful song about Minista Zeal’s trails and tribulations. Please listen to what God has put in his heart. Thank you Jesus for Sacrificing your life for us.He has restored everything Zeal had lost and blessed him with more, his cup is tremendously running over.

Connect with him today.

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