Recording Artist Larry Barrett song “Never Give Up” is a encouraging song you will enjoy.

In light of recent events, the song “Never Give Up” actually represents the spirit of America.  This is a country that sold the ideas of principles of truth, justice and a way of life that was to be the standard for all people throughout the world. Time has passed and we find ourselves living in a world where, in some places, there is no mental growth, which lead to no real spiritual growth and the shadows of reality reveal the true essence of those in charge.
The world is changing though. A new dawn is on the horizon and those of us that believe in God see a new day and recognize, although it will never be like it used to be, the world shall keep turning and God’s love shall continue to shine bright throughout the darkness of these perilous times.  Each of us has a responsibility to help one another as we are all sisters and brothers.  In light of this thought, Phy-Tur Records LLC would like to dedicate this song to all of the people that are working so hard to save lives throughout this great nation, letting the world know we shall “Never Give Up”!
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