Recording Artist Kendiece Capron talks about her journey as a new artist and her debut single “You Keep On Saving Me”

So, it must have been 2001 by that time I am a five-year-old little girl maybe shy, maybe bashful but around family and my little cousins we all played in the yard and maybe we sang and danced but, then one day my teacher asked me to sing the national anthem and oh my was she pleasantly surprised. And it appears on that very day God had put me on a platform that just wowed everybody, and it was then that I accepted the gift and the blessing of the talent that I had to sing. And from then on, it just took off and here I am today. But, as time went on once I realized this gift that God has bestowed upon me, I had to harness this gift and I had to cultivate that. So, I cultivated it by joining the school choir where I led into singing. Then, I decided to join a Saturday class where we were able to sing at different events just constantly nurturing and cultivating my voice singing different styles and different types of songs just to kind of grow in that. My childhood was not easy so music for me was more less my release now. Once I realized that I had that blessing it seemed like no matter what else I went through everything was okay. I did not have the worst childhood, but I did not have the best and like I said it was not easy. But, that gift of mind that God has blessed me with was my comfort place, it was my happy place. I remember there were times no matter how great or how sad a day was singing made it better. If it was a bad day singing made it better. If it was a good day singing made it great. You know during those challenges it was like God found me. Because I know that I was astray. The light was off, and it was a beacon of hope. And that beacon was what I held onto. You know being a teenager trying to get closer to God it is not without its challenges. From the peer pressure. To do or not do certain things. It was tough, it was a battle but, in the end, God won, and I am grateful for it. you know singing in church and going to church helped me maintain the balance that I desperately needed. Between living for God and making my way back into the reality of life. Growing up as a kid I thought I wanted to be an accountant, but they say men make plan God laughs. Before I discovered this talent before I was placed on that platform in 2001 my mind was set on being an accountant. But now with my new blessing I decide to turn towards being a gospel artist and to inspire people with my story, to inspire people with the word in a way that they can relate to. Because I know that the challenges that I have faced I am not alone. Somewhere theirs a little girl somewhere going through the same thing. So, if I can help uplift people if my talent if my work can help uplift someone from the darkness and be that beacon of hope that is something I relish. I felt that gospel music gave me a sense of comfort everyday no matter what the day was like. In 2013 was a big year for me. I took a leap of faith. I moved to Charlotte, NC from The Bahamas with no mom, no dad, no family just a friend. New place somewhat different culture. Went to South Mecklenburg high. After High school I started writing songs. And I would just sing and sing like my life is depending on it. Singing was all I know. Yeah, you know people said to rest your voice but years ago I did not understand that I was younger. But as I am getting older, I see the value in being able to Have enough practice but also being able to rest your voice so you can be able to perform. 2020 has been a year. The pandemic notwithstanding. Families have changed the dynamics but were thankful. 2020 brought me some time allowed me to focus. Because you work you go home so during the pandemic, I had time. So, in that time I decided to put my brain to work. And become more of a writer, to become more of an artist. I am a mom I love my son. He is my inspiration and sometimes I look at my baby and see the miracle of God.

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