Recording Artist Kendiece Capron talks about her journey as a new artist and her debut single “You Keep On Saving Me”

In the year of 2001, I discovered that I had a voice. I had no idea where to go from there. But, as time went on, I joined the school choir, sung lead at school as well. I then decided to join a Saturday class where we were able to sing at many different events that was taking place. My childhood was not easy but singing brought me through it. There have been so many challenges that I faced along the way. But, during those challenges I found God. Being a teenager and trying to get closer to God was a battle of its own. I have faced peer pressure on many different occasions.

Singing in church and going to youth bible study helped me maintain a balance between living for God and making my way back into reality. Growing up as a kid I wanted to be an accountant, but my heart was turning me towards being a gospel artist. I always wanted to do gospel music. I felt that gospel music always gave me a sense of comfort every day. In the year of 2013 I moved to Charlotte, NC. I went to South Mecklenburg High for my 12th grade year. Things started off weird, but I was able to adjust. After I graduated high school, I began writing songs. I would just sing and sing and sing. Until I could not sing anymore. Yes, I know it is said that you should rest your voice but years ago I did not understand. During the pandemic in the year 2020, I decided to put my brain to work.

I began writing songs again and that is how I was able to write my first gospel song called “You Keep on Saving Me”. When I wrote that song I am thinking of the goodness of God and how he keeps on loving and protecting me regardless of what I have done in the past. That song was more of a repentance song as well as a song of praise. In September 2020 I went to my mentor Charles Perry vocal class and there I was introduced to a guy that goes by the name of Brother Reggie Richardson, the Owner of Rejoice America Radio which is the #1 Inspirational Station on the Internet. From the day I met Reggie he has been consistent. He landed me my first photoshoot and got me into the studio with Sean Scales. My goal in life is to reach the lives of Gods people through music.

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