Recording artist Karen Montgomery from Houston Texas has a new single out called “Won’t Let You Hold Me Down”

Karen Montgomery is a native of Houston, Tx. She began singing at church during childhood and matured to having a greater appreciation of the inspirational aspect of music. She has written songs, formed and performed with musical singing groups and is now sharing her original music and inspirational message. Karen is continuing to record her original music that has been played on numerous radio stations throughout the country. Karen is continuing her journey as an independent gospel artist and is excited about the future as she moves forward with the Lord leading her.

Song – Won’t Let You Hold Me Down
The song ,Won’t Let You Hold Me Down is a song that is meant to inspire and encourage the listener. With all that we have gone through over the past year, we must remember that we are More Than Conquerors through Christ Jesus and by God we will overcome adversity. We can’t let fear nor depression or even that mean old devil stop us.

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