Read about this Praise Dance Ministry for young women ages 5 – 19 in North Carolina

What is the Praise Dance Ministry?

Where we teach the Fundamentals of Liturgical and Praise Dancing. I intend to continue to break the bearers and decrease the misconceptions about Praise Dance Ministry. There indeed are so my misconceptions of praise dance, to the point where some people, churches and ministries, still don’t even accept it as a form of worship, or an art of ministry. Provide ministries to help children, youth and young adults with Grow in faith in Jesus Christ, Build Christian relationships & Equip them to share the love of Jesus.

Community Leader / Tutoring

mentoring residential students, encouraging students to become involved and engaged in the community, and help students discover and use their God-given gifts, talents, and skills. Also tutoring for children in the community Pre-K though 5th grade.

Preacher Girl Ministry

God, Family, Ministry & Vision, Teaching the importance that having a true relationship with God has to be in place, in order to be effective in every aspect of your life.Work, Minister, Love & Dance like Nobody is watching, but GOD!-The Preacher Girl

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