Read about Independent Film Producer Dr. Shonda Reynolds and her movie “Still Got Joy” Based On A True Story

Dr. Shonda Reynolds is an accomplished author, film producer, life coach and minister whose powerful message of transparency and transformation is saving souls and freeing sufferers from the throes of addiction.
The Pulaski, Tennessee native overcame drug addiction while in rehab in 1997. There, Dr. Reynolds experienced a spiritual awakening that has sustained her 23-year recovery. She became an author in 2013 self- publishing her first book, Dying to Live, a true story of her life being freed from addiction, adultery and unwise decisions, by the power of God.
Dr. Reynolds is a first-generation college graduate, earning a BA in Social Work from Middle Tennessee State University, (MTSU), in 2003 and her first master’s degree in 2010 in Professional Studies in Public Service Management from Cumberland University. She graduated with honors with an earned Doctorate of Ministry from Andersonville Theological Seminary in 2013, and holds a second master’s in Professional Studies in Training and Development from MTSU awarded in 2017.

Dr. Reynolds is an ordained Minister who has published a sequel, Dying to Live (A New Beginning) and Co-Authored/Executive Produced the full-length feature film, STILLGOTJOY, an autobiographical exploration of her journey to triumph.
Dr. Reynolds is the proud mother of sons Keiron and Bryant Nelson, who uses her powerful message of God’s bountiful blessings to be a conduit of His love and to care for His people.

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