Read about Christian/Gospel Artist Lisa Robinson from Tennessee

Lisa Robinson is a Christian/Gospel Artist who loves to spread God’s word through the ministry of music. Going through storms in her life, Lisa believes that the Lord can turn a mess into a masterpiece, because he did it for her, and yet there is still work to be done.
Lisa Robinson realized her gift the Lord had entrusted her to, and she doesn’t take it for granted. Lisa has had the privilege of singing with and before some very talented and blessed people of God, some of them being; Kirk Franklin, Jennifer McCarter, Veronica Petrucci, Norman Hutchins, Damon King of 760amTheGospel, Connie Denell of 92Q. Sunday’s Best, VaShawn Mitchell, Mrs. Mary Glass at WGNS, Dr. Bobby Jones. She also feels blessed to have her music on several radio stations around the country.

During the most difficult time in her life after losing her Mother (who she so depended on) and her older Sister (who she leaned on and looked up to), she had to truly lean and depend of Jesus. Her songs encouraged her to keep pressing through life’s trials to get to the level where God wants her and ultimately to see him face to face. The song “I Want a Crown” helped her to make up her mind not to give up because she wants to hear her Savior say “well done thy good and faithful servant”.
Lisa Robinson began singing in the church at an early age but has now tapped into the true worship experience of God. She loves and lives to worship and states that there’s no feeling like what she experiences when in the presence of God. She desires for others to have that same encounter and even greater.
Lisa Robinson’s desire for this ministry is to encourage and uplift the brokenhearted and to entice the unsaved to come to Jesus and to call upon his name. As she ministers, she believes that souls will be saved, bodies will be healed, and minds will be delivered in the mighty name of Jesus. Not only when she ministers live but when her songs are heard on the radio or done by others, lives will be touched and changed in such an awesome way. Lisa believes that the Lord has chosen her for such a time as this to minister in song and psalm, and she is determined more than ever that she can’t give up now, because she wants her crown. Her songs, one in particular, “Heal Our Land” is what the world needs now. She believes the songs that God has given her are simple in text but if applied to someone’s life it will help them to go far. Lisa counts it a privilege and a blessing to stand before Jesus with a spirit of worship no matter what she is going through, just to know that he honors her service because it is done in spirit and in truth. She states, “Still I Worship” even in the storm, through the pain and the hurt, God is yet an awesome God that is so worthy. Lisa cherishes the worship experience and looks for God to move even greater, not only for her but for others that she come in contact with.

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