Pastor Todd Curry featuring The Ministries of St. Peter, The Rock, is doing it again with NEW hit single “He’s Worthy”.

Pastor Todd L. Curry, affectionately known as “Pastor T”, is a multifaceted leader in the body of Christ. Known for his service in the church, and the community, his extremely heartfelt efforts, have made an everlasting impact throughout this country and beyond. He is a dynamic preacher, prolific teacher, community activist, an award-winning producer, innovative songwriter, and pastor of 4 years of, St. Peter, The Rock, Inc., located in the Eastwood Community of Pinehurst, NC. Since becoming pastor…the ministry is flourishing, as he spreads his “Kingdom Minded”, “Vanguard”, philosophy to both young, and old.   

Pastor Curry, the youngest of three children, born to the late, Bishop C.L. Curry, and Mother Gretchel Curry, was reared in the fear and admonition of the Lord. An anointed visionary, and trailblazer, he remained faithful as he worked as an associate minister, minister of music, Sunday School teacher, youth leader, and choir director, up under the tutelage of his father for 28 years. Pastor Curry is a firm believer that you can be called but you need to be quiet. You can be anointed but not appointed and need to sit back to learn. When the time was right, Bishop C.L. Curry blessed Pastor T to go forth in full-time ministry.
Pastor T’s zeal for the youth is unprecedented. He and his lovely wife April (Lady A), of 24yrs, have taken in numerous youth, from every walk of life under their training. Their hearts also go out to the lives of their ‘special needs’ children. Curry and his wife opened up Curry’s Haven, LLP in 2008, a six-time nationally accredited company set up to house, train, support, and service, special needs children and adults.Pastor T’s passion for the unsaved and less fortunate has blossomed into his outreach ministry, TLC Unlimited, Inc. Through this outreach ministry, Pastor Curry and staff feed and clothe the underprivileged, assist people in getting them back on their feet through job placement, schooling, or setting them up in permanent shelter.
Under the umbrella of TLC Unlimited, was the nationally acclaimed, award winning group…Todd Curry and FOCUS. Todd Curry and Focus won several, national awards. They appeared on BET’s Bobby Jones Gospel during their Sunday morning taping. They were 1 of 42 groups of every genre of music across the country (1 of 2 gospel groups) selected by the State Dept. of the United States to attend the audition phase of the Rhythm Road Project at the Jazz at Lincoln Center in New York. This group was also selected by a panel of judges by the Gospel Music Channel and American Heart Association as one of the nation’s top 10 groups. Todd Curry’s freshman Project, “It’s All Good” along with their Sophomore Project, “Quit Playin’ Church”, was released by Todd Curry’s own record company, TLC Unlimited, Inc. & received National Digital distribution with Treveno/Ingrooves/Universal Music Groups. They also received National physical distribution w/ New Day Christian Distribution and BDG/Red which is a division of Sony Music Group and was released in stores nationally. Stores included Walmart, Best Buy, Kmart, Barnes & Noble, FYE and many others! You can hear them on Sirius Radio, Pandora & many other stations across the country.
Pastor Curry has now recorded with the ministries of St. Peter, The Rock, Inc. The ministries include the choir, children/youth choir, men’s chorus, Praise and Worship teams, and a new young group of sisters called, “Lyric”. Pastor T is attempting to bring gospel music, especially the choir sound, back to the church one song at a time. He has just released the classic hit single, “He’s Worthy” made popular by the late Dr. Jonathan Greer & The Cathedral of Faith Choir! This carefully respected classic is sure to make a resurgence to every church in America as well as abroad because our Lord and Savior is still ‘worthy’ to be praised!
Whether preaching in Jamaica, in front of 1,000’s, or speaking to 1 lost soul, in the streets, God’s Word never changes…Holiness is RIGHT. Through his sociable personality, and serene demeanor, Pastor Todd L. Curry, remains a light house through which sinners, in a dark world, can see the Christ in him, and find refuge in the love of Jesus Christ. 

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