Currently residing in Ohio is the incredibly talented artist and vocalist, Rufus Troutman. The nephew of the legendary R&B singer, Roger Troutman, Rufus is also a gifted musician who has held a deep connection with music from an early age. Thanks to his uncle, Rufus Troutman received mentorship since he was ten years old as he absorbed as much information as possible from his uncle, both personally and professionally. Having grown up with music industry surrounding him, Rufus Troutman learned a diverse set of skills. From working in studios to helping out on tour, he quickly found himself gravitating towards becoming a musician of his own. In 1992, Rufus Troutman gave his heart to the all mighty lord, Jesus Christ and has since focused on creating a dynamic sound of Roger Troutman and Zapp! – all the meanwhile giving praise and Glory to Jesus Christ. When he isn’t busy creating new, engaging and memorable music, listeners can find him leading the evangelical ministry, Rufus Troutman Ministries. RTM aims to set a new standard and tone within the music industry by promoting his faith and love of Jesus Christ through his music. He wants to connect listeners with the healing power of God through his encouraging and deeply moving sound and style.

Rufus Troutman released his first solo album, No Compromise in 2011 which earned him a Dove award nomination for Urban Album of the Year. His second album, All Things Are Possible went on to touch and bless the lives of many. After having taken a hiatus from the music industry, Rufus Troutman is determined to share his vividly beautiful and engaging work with his latest project, Through The Fire. “Through The Fire has something to offer to both old and young alike and points it all to God’s amazing glory,” echoes Rufus Troutman as he discusses the importance and value that can be found within his latest release.

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Shara J is a talented International Award Winning Gospel Artist and Songwriter from the beautiful islands of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas. At a very dark moment in her life, Shara J was led by the Holy Spirit to pen the hit single “While I Wait.” The lyrics of the song expresses every feeling, emotion and thought that she experienced during this trying season in her life and you can feel every word in the song as she delivers them through her ministry of this song. While I Wait was produced by the Legendary Bahamian Icon and one of the former lead singers of the Grammy Award Winning Band “Baha-men”, Nehemiah Hield of Kingdom Glory Records. You can also hear his soulful voice in the background vocals. This song was crafted from the issues of her heart and has touched the lives of people all over the world, who can relate.

    In May, 2016 Shara J was recorded on the Bobby Jones Gospel Presents Show in Nashville, Tennessee where she performed the single, which was aired on Impact TV in the United States on numerous occasions.One of the biggest moments in her music career was her International Debut Concert in Little Rock, Arkansas in 2017.

    She also ministered the song on “Another Level Gospel Show” which was taped in Montgomery, Alabama where she was an International Guest Artist on the Show, aired on the Impact TV Network and various Gospel Channels on the Internet and Television all over America and the world.Shara J is an Ordained Minister of Praise & Worship and currently serves at Family Life Kingdom Center. She studied at North Carolina Theological Seminary at Global Theology School and has earned an Associates Degree in Biblical Studies and a Bachelor’s Degree in Theology in the year 2019.Through her songs and ministry, Shara J hopes that individuals who may be experiencing trying times would learn how to wait on God and be of good courage; but that while waiting on Him, worship is still essential.

Her Single “While I Wait” was re-released in 2019 and was nominated for Three (3) Awards in the Categories of Praise & Worship Artist of the Year, Song of the Year and Songwriter of the Year respectively, at the Music Love Awards 2019 and has won all categories nominated. It was also recently voted #1 on the Shoggy Tosh Radio show which airs in Africa, Scotland and England.

Her Single, Growing Green was released in 2019 and has been nominated for a Cacique Award in the People’s Choice category for the year 2020.

Her most recent release, the hit single “God’s Got Me” is a song of affirmation that is touching the lives of many, globally and causing people to dance and declare positive words as the world is facing one of its greatest challenges, being COVID-19.

Her songs continue to play on various International Internet Radio Stations and Mainstream Radio both locally in The Bahamas and in the United States.

Olivia Sonia, an upstate New York native, currently sings with the Grammy award winning Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir, passionately ministering the gospel of Jesus Christ through song to people from all over the world. With the choir she’s taken to the stage at Barclay Center Arena in Brooklyn, and at the Capitol Building in Washington, D.C. to sing during the 2013 Inauguration Ceremony for President Barack Obama. She continues to sing as a musical guest at churches, conferences and special events around the country.  Olivia Sonia’s album is an eclectic mix of gospel tunes that are extremely relatable and consistently focused on Christ centered lyrics. It is sure to bless both congregations and individuals alike with its range of high praise and slower points of intimacy that usher in the presence of the Lord.  Her music will encourage and challenge listeners to consider Jesus, His love, sacrifice and power to heal and restore.

​”When I was writing the songs on my album, I wrote what I believe God placed on my heart. I knew that I’d be on the right path if I stayed tuned into what God was saying to me.  I’m so grateful and thankful for the positive feedback I’ve received.  It means so much to me that these songs, these words are touching lives. I don’t take it lightly”

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La’Tonya Meori is a Artist from the city of Raleigh, N.C. who has a heart for God and his people. She found her passion for singing as a child, and continues to share her gifts. Her music will inspire and uplift anyone. Her motivation is to see people blessed through the ministry that the Lord Jesus has placed within her. She is a worshiper of Jesus Christ, and understands that He is the reason for her mission. Her life has been filled with immeasurable heights, as well as significant lows; but she has grown to learn that with God nothing is impossible.

Which sparked her to write her first single “Do The Impossible”, available on all digital outlets. La’Tonya understands that, without faith it is impossible to please God, and she is a true testament to faith in Christ!-Worship leader for Ship of Zion Ministries-3 singles (first one Do the Impossible), (2nd one Lift Ya Hands), (3rd one Superman)-Debut EP to be released 2020-Owner and CEO of Kidz Pact University (see above stated information about the non profit)-Creative Director of God Did It Attire (inspiring everyone to share the goodness of Jesus Christ)-Has graced the stage with legends like, Shirley Caesar (raised under the leadership of her as well), John P. Kee and Yolanda Adams .

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Read about Unrestricted Praise from Texas.

Unrestricted Praise offers true worship through their music ministry.  The group has a long history of ministering the gospel through their music.  They have been singing together for 15 years.  The group has been very  faithful, and because they were walking by faith and remained dedicated to the Lord, the group was formed.Unrestricted Praise is a family group, and although they faced many challenges, they were able to remain dedicated to the call.   In life there are many challenges that might break you or make you, and for Unrestricted Praise those challenges have built lasting love, mutual respect, and a spiritual bond, through Christ. 

As servants of the Lord, Unrestricted Praise is always willing to serve, and because of their obedience and lining up their will with God’s, many doors have opened for them. When God opens doors for you they are always more then you could ever hope or dream of, and God’s open doors has taken this anointed group to  higher heights and deeper depths through worship.

Traveling and lifting  the savior on various programs throughout the city of Houston, has been an honor for this family group. Well, I for one am excited about working with Unrestricted Praise, and we at River & Word are so glad to have you as a part of our river family.  I know God has even greater doors for you to go through, and I pray that He continues to allow us to be a blessing to you.  I pray for much success and super natural increase for your group.

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Tina Hunt & Family Devotion is a family Quartet group out of the Carolinas. Known for their heartfelt songs deriving from their own personal testimonies. The group consists of Mrs Tina Hunt (lead vocals/songwriter). Along with her daughters Morgan Hunt (vocals, bass, drums), daughter Brooke Hunt (vocals/songwriter), Minister Darryl Deaver (vocals, keys), D’Andre Pittman (bass).Mrs. Tina had been singing for over 30 years before she & her husband Tony founded the group around 2008 along with their daughters.

Their first album, Family Devotion, was produced by Me. Ray Braswell and featured the such songs as “Living Above the Ground” and “I Can’t Make it”Their follow up album was produced by Mr. Demetrius Ledbetter with the title track “He’s With Me”, “Anything”, and “Step by Step” which was nominated for Song Of the Year.”FamDevo” as they are affectionately called, were nominated in 2018 for 5 Rhythm of Gospel Awards.”Our goal is to always live what we sing about & that our music greatly bless everyone who listens”.

Instruments of Musick is a gospel group from Detroit Michigan. They offer up a unique sound of gospel and inspirational music that is driven by the Pedal steel guitar, played by Gary Fatman McKinney. Once you hear their music, I know that you will enjoy it and their song “Moving Forward” has that jazzy feel and it’s available on all digital outlets.

Recording Artist and song writer Annette Daniels from Florida is a recording artist and also a dance instructor. She says that it’s very healthy to dance for the lord, and you can see it in her dance video called “My God Dance.

This not her first line dance for Christians, and you can see more by looking at her video channel. She can be reached on all social media platforms

Born fourth of five children, I was usually the quiet and
observant one growing up. I think I was the one needing the least amount of
reprimanding, but, shh, do not tell my siblings I said that, especially the
youngest one!” Lol.

My parents gave me a lot growing up, all of which having great value
and influence upon my life, but most importantly, they gave me
them, and they gave me HIM.

I have worked in some form of customer service most of my life.
Positions ranging from, “food service, the travel industry, a driver executing
dealer trades for a Chevrolet dealer, and sales.”

No one could have made me think that one day, I would write and
publish a book, yet here we are. Talk about “HIS ways not being our ways, and HIM knowing the plans HE has for us.” Umh.

Well, this is book one of several titles to be written. These
writings are truly “God given,” with tiny particles of my everyday life. It is a
conversation piece, be it a personal one, a one on one, or within a group.

Lastly. If you are going to come along for the full journey, “beyond the
preview read that is,” please accept my apology for the delay of these writings. You see, as a Flight Attendant living in Miami FL when this story first came to me, it was a distant thought, and I didn’t have time for writing. Guess I was too busy filling my life with other things. But soon after I learned that for me, wrong priorities equaled lost and wasted time.  

In closing, thank you for opening your heart and mind, to these writings. Remember, at some point we all need forgiveness so learn and choose to give it! 

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Rhythm & Praise Gospel Singer, Songwriter, and Vocal Arranger.

Rhythm & Praise Gospel Singer, Songwriter, and Vocal Arranger, Silas’s love of music began at the age of 7 in Florida. Growing up he played musical instruments in school and sang in church. In his earlier years, Silas was infused with the urban musical styles of the late 1980s and 1990s, which comprised of Rhythm & Blues, New Jack Swing, and Contemporary Gospel. By 1993, Silas was seizing every opportunity he could find to sing publicly in the South Florida area. Singing with various male vocal groups and providing background vocals for upcoming local Rap artists, Silas continued to build his musical craft. Silas has now taken his musical and spiritual experience to compose his Urban R&P singles release entitled “Rain on Me”, “Open Arms” and his latest “You Are God, smooth love ballads and mid-tempo jams reminiscent of the urban songs of the 90’s era of music.

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