Durmond Glanton was born on July 14, 1977. Since the time of his conception, the enemy has had a hit out on Durmond’s life. At the age of 4, he taught himself how to play the drums, and had it mastered by the age of 9. He served faithfully as the church drummer until the age of 22. It was then when Durmond locked himself in a room and taught himself how to play the piano.In 2000, while attending a local revival in Rochester, NY, a prophet named Eric Cooper from Phoenix, Arizona spoke into Durmond’s life and declared that “After the Storm, God is going to put your name in lights for the world to see.”Since then Durmond has survived 3 strokes, beginning stage lung cancer, a minor heart attack, homelessness, drug addiction and suicidal battles. If you ask him today, “Durmond, how were you able to go through all of that at such a young age and STILL survive?” His answer is simple, “When God is fighting for you, you can’t lose. People CHOOSE to be defeated, I choose to be UNDEFEATED with God on my side.”

Durmond is now a skillful Minister of Music at the WOW (Winning Over the World) Church in Atlanta, Georgia. He is an accomplished songwriter, vocal coach, music teacher, music producer and recording artist. His main goal in Kingdom work and in life, is changing the world “One song at a time”. Durmond’s plans are to give back to less fortunate churches in their music departments to help build strong bible based musicians for Ministry. He is a great example of overcoming all odds, and allowing others to see that ONLY through Jesus Christ, we are “UNDEFEATED”.tt

Durmond got a new single called “REJOICE”. Here’s a snippet

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I’m a born and raised Nashville Artist who has a heart for the people. There’s nothing more that I want to see other than the people doing better, and making decisions that result in growth. My music is based on trying to inspire the people. I also have dealt with depression for many years.

So I love to express in my music all of my pain my tears and my trials and tribulations so that maybe I could help someone going through the same thing that I’m going through.

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I’m from the Bronx, NY. I’ve been writing, recording, and performing since the mid-1980’s. I started out with a group (Def Duo), then went solo in 1989. My music is hip-hop/holy hip-hop. I’m a fan of a wide range of artist from Mary Mary to Nas.

I’m a pastor at Faith In God Church in the Bronx…Apostle Gladys Little is my pastor. I also frequent World Changers Church-NY.
My music is positive, because I believe that if you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem. My EP – Double Minded was released Feb 7, 2018. My current EP – Words To Live By was released March 25, 2020. I perform whenever I get a chance, so check me out.
You can follow me on twitter: @vernonlittle7, on instagram: vernonlittle7, and on facebook. My contact email is VerLtt@aol.com

Mioshe Trayel is an inspirational Singer, Songwriter, and Producer from Hampton, Virginia. It was just the age of four when she began composing, writing, and singing her own songs. Mioshe was invited to sing her songs in church, family gatherings, plays, and even at school. She began to take on music business in 2013.

Today, she is CEO of her own label, “Ambience Productions” and has launched her first radio tour for her latest release “Love Again”. Mioshe is dedicated to sharing her gift and love for music all across the world!!

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Hands of Praise puppet ministry is tearing down the walls and breaking out of all the basic boxes of ministry. Built on a firm foundation of Gods Word & family values beginning in the 1980s this fun, unique, lively and engaging ministry has been shared across generations being reformed and rejuvenated to continue the service of reaching and teaching people of all ages and from all backgrounds about Gods love.

Hands of Praise brings young and old together to enjoy worshipping and praising our great God! Founder and Director-Byron T Carter & his talented team; Terrell Williams, Ed Faison Jr, & Darrick D. Carter II, are constantly working to keep the ministry fresh and focused on Jesus. Their new hit song and video “Watch Me H. O. P.” (Created alongside Producer Mod G, Chris Graham, JTorah, and Young Saint.) is out now on all digital media platforms to let you know there’s many different ways to praise! Check out the video, do the challenge, and let US watch YOU H.O.P!

Byron T.CarterFounder/Director-Hands of Praise 

Phone: 919-760-3741

Email: bookhandsofpraise@gmail.com

A natural for the stage, Rahdyah has performed with Gospel singing group, “The Voices of Zamar,” and sung background for Anton Milton, and Grammy Award Nominee, Jekalyn Carr.

​Rahdyah is stepping out of the shadows with the release of her new single, “Okay.” The song, an uplifting melody of encouragement for listeners to hold onto the promises of God is currently available on iTunes, Amazon, and all other digital music outlets.

​“Okay,” is a faith-based pop song showcasing Rahdyah’s velvety voice. The tune reminds believers that there is purpose in the midst of pain. “Okay” features a catchy hook and message that oozes of her testimony of overcoming fear and childhood adversity that can be heard throughout the lyrics and Rahdyah’s captivating vocals.

F​or more information about the music ministry of Rahdyah, connect with her on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and her website

“He Taught Me How To Love” was recorded by Spiritual Soul Artist Hope Sheree formally Hope Askew in her first release since her hiatus six years ago. It was written by Hope, Alfandre Page, and Shelton Flyth. The song was recorded, mixed, and mastered by Josh Haddad, owner of the Virginia Beach Recording Arts. The song was also produced by Ronell (P. Sess) Sessoms. Backgrounds were crooned by Alfandre Page, Hope Sheree, Jazmine Canales, Jelecia “JayDee” Harper, Terese Robinson and Yunassea “KeeKee” Battle.

“He Taught Me How To Love” is an Inspirational ballad, which contains elements of R&B, Soul, Blues, and packs a strong message of awareness in God and how he moves in our lives. This song has a heavy old school sound and pays homage to a dear friend, the late legendary soul singer/writer Mr. Harvey Scales who was signed to Stax Records.

In this song, Hope shares her vulnerability in regard to a very controversial topic – infidelity.  She belts it over superbly laid choir like vocals in a heartfelt dance full of passion and pain in the rarest form. The song simply relays the relationship between the pain we feel when life is unfair and how God wishes to teach us to love through it. Hope says, “No matter what I go through in this life, it is God teaching me how to love”.

Joseph Robinson and The Chosen out of Atlanta Georgia



The Chosen Aggregation was established on October 16, 1993 in Atlanta, Georgia; under the direction of the Late Minister Dirk B. Chaney. Since their inception, they have been a Ministry of excellence and commitment to spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ through music and song. The Lord called the leader and visionary of this ministry home November 17, 2002. Bro. Joseph F. Robinson, Jr. became the new Executive Director of the Ministry.

Joseph and the Choir released “BE GRATEFUL”, a cover single and tribute to the Late Pastor Walter Hawkins, on December 22, 2017.  Their latest single, “BE STILL”, was released June 7, 2018 and on July 20, 2018, the choir’s 4th full-length CD project, entitled, “ANOTHER LEVEL”, was released worldwide. Under his direction; The Choir has toured the United States and Europe. They have appeared at the, Stockholm Gospelkor Festival in Stockholm, Sweden, The Gospel Music Workshop of America, The Thomas Dorsey National Convention, STELLAR Awards Weekend Celebration (Las Vegas), T.I.M.A. Artists Showcase (Las Vegas), HEZEKIAH WALKER CHOIRFEST (Atlanta and Las Vegas), The Indiana State Fair and many local and surrounding churches throughout Atlanta and the Country; Recorded their first “Live” Concert DVD * Raise The Praise 2 and their 3rd CD recording, “Eyes Have Not Seen”. ​At the close of 2018, Joseph Robinson and The Chosen Aggregation celebrated with a finale anniversary, commemorating 25 years of music ministry. 

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