Who Is Recording Artist Bobbi Lane?

Hailing from Chicago Illinois, Bobbi Lane Bobbi Lane has been singing since an early age. Growing up, music has always been a major part of her life and she knew early on this was the gift that God had given to her to reach the world through spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ in song. Her strong and powerful vocals, yet jazzy feel, with an indescribable uniqueness blend of phrasing and her contemporary style; gives her ab appeal with music lovers of all generations.

Bobbi is the daughter of Pastor and Ms. Abram Lane. Christian values and serving the Lord was instilled in her at an early age. One thing that she desires of the Lord and that she will seek after, is to dwell in the house of the Lord forever.Taking all that has been placed within her to reconcile the lost unto Him.

Bobbi has shared the stage with many of Gospel artists such as Ricky Dillard, Earnest Pugh,Deitrick Haddon, Kirk Franklin, Tamela Mann, Fred Hammond and many more. Her mission is to go beyond the four walls of the church and to minister to non-gospel listeners, as well as the younger generation. Bobbi has a heart and mission for young people and she believes that it is her destiny to sing the Lord praises to a dying generation.

When Bobbi is not ministering, she dedicated her time to her husband and her two boys.

PMJ (Pastor Mike Jr.) is blazing a new trail. Not only does he Pastor one of the fastest growing ministries in the south, he’s now a 5x Stellar Nominated Gospel Artist! 

His soulful voice and vibe connects with practically every genre! His breakout and highly anticipated album, LIVE FREE features inspirational anthems that speak to the reality of each person. It speaks to that desire to win, recover, and survive!  His sound is sure to appeal and reach the hearts of young and old alike. His songs are designed to tackle real life issues in a lyrical manner and peppered with life and gospel truth from the sages of old.

For bookings please visit: www.pastormikejr.com

Paula+Angie are National Recording Artists and are a dynamic mother and daughter duo that share their love and passion for God’s word through music – Traditional Gospel, Southern Gospel, Contemporary and Hymns. In 2018 they were considered for the 60th GRAMMY® Awards ballot in the categories of Best Gospel Song of the Year, Best Arrangement w/ Vocals & Music, Best Producer (Angie) for their single “Where Do We Go.” They were also nominated for Best Duo/Group of the Year for the 2018 Steeple Awards and Producer of the Year (Angie) for the 2018 S&M Indie Music Awards. They’ve also been considered for the 47th GMA Dove Awards ballot in 2016 for their fresh arrangement on the Andraé Crouch classic, “Soon & Very Soon”, in the category of Contemporary/Urban Recorded Song of the Year. In 2017 they were nominated for the Rhythm Of Gospel Awards – Traditional Song of the Year, CCM Christian Song of the Year, Alternative Christian Song of the Year and Traditional Female Vocalist of the Year (Angie) and the 2017 T.I.M.A./Prayzefactor Awards for Traditional Gospel Group of the Year and Urban Contemporary Group of the Year. In 2015, they were named Prayzefactor Awards Traditional Gospel Group of the Year.

Paula Greene and Angie Greene Gray live in North Carolina with their families, and they decided in 2013 to come together with their vocal gifts as Paula+Angie. Paula sings soprano with Angie on alto—each with her unique style—but the blend, they say, is “truly a God thing.”

For bookings visit: https://www.paulaandangiemusic.com/

Who is Praise Dancer Candace Bryant?

Candace Noadiah Shantell Bryant was born on October 11, 2003 @ Trident Medical Center. Candace was always a good and happy child. In April 2004, she became fussy and had to be taken to the doctor. She was hospitalized and they diagnosed her with ricketts and epilepsy seizures. Candace went through a lot of medical challenges from the age of 6 months to 5 years old. Candace accepted Christ into her life at a very early age and she still has a thirst after the love of God. Candace is a very fun and outgoing person. She is an honor student, who takes her work very seriously. When she sets her mind on something, she has enough faith to birth it into reality. She set a goal and saw it through to be school queen, and she earned the honor of being 2017-2018 School Queen of Miracle Academy Preparatory School.

October 5, 2019, she attended the Live Recording of Jekalyn Carr at the 15th Praise in the Park Atlanta. On top of that, she met Jekalyn in person, her #1 favorite artist of all time! What a dream come true! She loves all of her family & yours too! Her heart is so big, that it’s hard for her to express it at times. If you ever see her in worship service, then you know she has no problem expressing that. However, she decided to take it to another level of worship by deciding to be a praise dancer. She has allowed the Lord to really show up and show out through her in dance. October 13, 2018, she had her first Birthday Celebration, which was also declared her dance ministry anniversary day. This celebration has turned into an annual event, where strong bonds have developed with other praise & mime dancers. December 7, 2019, Candace joined E.L. Thompson Ministries on his 2020 Vision Tour full of talented dance ministers in Whitesville, NC. This opportunity allowed her to begin fulfilling another desire to travel all around the world dancing for God. Candace is knows this is just the beginning of what God has in store for her.

The Candace Bryant Experience, #TCBE

Pastor Todd Curry has a new HIT Single out that’s doing BIG things

Pastor Todd L. Curry, affectionately known as “Pastor T”, is a multifaceted leader in the body of Christ. Known for his service in the church, and the community, his extremely heartfelt efforts, have made an everlasting impact throughout this country and beyond. He is a dynamic preacher, prolific teacher, community activist, an award-winning producer, innovative songwriter, and pastor of 4 years of, St. Peter, The Rock, Inc., located in the Eastwood Community of Pinehurst, NC. Since becoming pastor…the ministry is flourishing, as he spreads his “Kingdom Minded”, “Vanguard”, philosophy to both young, and old.   

Pastor Curry, the youngest of three children, born to the late, Bishop C.L. Curry, and Mother Gretchel Curry, was reared in the fear and admonition of the Lord. An anointed visionary, and trailblazer, he remained faithful as he worked as an associate minister, minister of music, Sunday School teacher, youth leader, and choir director, up under the tutelage of his father for 28 years. Pastor Curry is a firm believer that you can be called but you need to be quiet. You can be anointed but not appointed and need to sit back to learn. When the time was right, Bishop C.L. Curry blessed Pastor T to go forth in full-time ministry.Pastor T’s zeal for the youth is unprecedented. He and his lovely wife April (Lady A), of 24yrs, have taken in numerous youth, from every walk of life under their training. Their hearts also go out to the lives of their ‘special needs’ children. Curry and his wife opened up Curry’s Haven, LLP in 2008, a six-time nationally accredited company set up to house, train, support, and service, special needs children and adults.

Pastor T’s passion for the unsaved and less fortunate has blossomed into his outreach ministry, TLC Unlimited, Inc. Through this outreach ministry, Pastor Curry and staff feed and clothe the underprivileged, assist people in getting them back on their feet through job placement, schooling, or setting them up in permanent shelter. Under the umbrella of TLC Unlimited, was the nationally acclaimed, award winning group…Todd Curry and FOCUS. Todd Curry and Focus won several, national awards. They appeared on BET’s Bobby Jones Gospel during their Sunday morning taping. They were 1 of 42 groups of every genre of music across the country (1 of 2 gospel groups) selected by the State Dept. of the United States to attend the audition phase of the Rhythm Road Project at the Jazz at Lincoln Center in New York. This group was also selected by a panel of judges by the Gospel Music Channel and American Heart Association as one of the nation’s top 10 groups. Todd Curry’s freshman Project, “It’s All Good” along with their Sophomore Project, “Quit Playin’ Church”, was released by Todd Curry’s own record company, TLC Unlimited, Inc. & received National Digital distribution with Treveno/Ingrooves/Universal Music Groups. They also received National physical distribution w/ New Day Christian Distribution and BDG/Red which is a division of Sony Music Group and was released in stores nationally. Stores included Walmart, Best Buy, Kmart, Barnes & Noble, FYE and many others! You can hear them on Sirius Radio, Pandora & many other stations across the country. 

Pastor Curry has now recorded with the ministries of St. Peter, The Rock, Inc. The ministries include the choir, children/youth choir, men’s chorus, Praise and Worship teams, and a new young group of sisters called, “Lyric”. Pastor T is attempting to bring gospel music, especially the choir sound, back to the church one song at a time. He has just released the classic hit single, “He’s Worthy” made popular by the late Dr. Jonathan Greer & The Cathedral of Faith Choir! This carefully respected classic is sure to make a resurgence to every church in America as well as abroad because our Lord and Savior is still ‘worthy’ to be praised! Whether preaching in Jamaica, in front of 1,000’s, or speaking to 1 lost soul, in the streets, God’s Word never changes…Holiness is RIGHT. Through his sociable personality, and serene demeanor, Pastor Todd L. Curry, remains a light house through which sinners, in a dark world, can see the Christ in him, and find refuge in the love of Jesus Christ.    

Born fourth of five children, I was usually the quiet and
observant one growing up. I think I was the one needing the least amount of
reprimanding, but, shh, do not tell my siblings I said that, especially the
youngest one!” Lol.

My parents gave me a lot growing up, all of which having great value
and influence upon my life, but most importantly, they gave me
them, and they gave me HIM.

I have worked in some form of customer service most of my life.
Positions ranging from, “food service, the travel industry, a driver executing
dealer trades for a Chevrolet dealer, and sales.”

No one could have made me think that one day, I would write and
publish a book, yet here we are. Talk about “HIS ways not being our ways, and HIM knowing the plans HE has for us.” Umh.

Well, this is book one of several titles to be written. These
writings are truly “God given,” with tiny particles of my everyday life. It is a
conversation piece, be it a personal one, a one on one, or within a group.

Lastly. If you are going to come along for the full journey, “beyond the
preview read that is,” please accept my apology for the delay of these writings. You see, as a Flight Attendant living in Miami FL when this story first came to me, it was a distant thought, and I didn’t have time for writing. Guess I was too busy filling my life with other things. But soon after I learned that for me, wrong priorities equaled lost and wasted time.  

In closing, thank you for opening your heart and mind, to these writings. Remember, at some point we all need forgiveness so learn and choose to give it! 

For more information please visit: www.delandamcnair.com/

Dr. Sheila Johnson, PhD, DMin., songwriter, choral conductor, recording artist and college professor, is a native of Dayton, Ohio. Her new project, “Move With God,” is her 7th release. Dr. Johnson has toured and captivated audiences throughout the United States, West Indies, Germany, Mexico and Italy. Her compositions and arrangements are diverse gospel genres such as Urban gospel, gospel rap, praise and worship, Pentecostal praise, Latin, Negro Spiritual Jazz/gospel fusion and down home gospel to name a few. No wonder it is said, “Dr. Johnson’s music meets your diverse musical taste. Dr. Sheila, as she is affectionately called, is a former member of the national faculty of the Gospel Music Workshop of America (GMWA), appeared on Bobby Jones Gospel (BET) a number of times, director of the 2012 Allegheny Union Baptist Association Pre-Musical Choir, former board member of the Gospel Music Educators’ Seminar (GMES), director of the Citywide Youth Choir of the Baptist Ministers’ Conference of Pittsburgh and Vicinity, Citywide Youth and Young Adult Ensemble and also served as one of the directors for the National Baptist Congress of Christian Education Pre-Musical Choir. She also served as a conductor for the Lott Carey Foreign Mission and NAACP National Convention Pre-Musicals. She is a member of Delta Omicron International Music Fraternity and Delta Sigma Theta Sorority. She currently serves as minister of music at First Baptist Penn Hills (www.fbph.org)located in Pittsburgh where her husband is the senior pastor. She and her husband were the first clergy couple in the Pittsburgh baptist assoication (AUBA- Pittsburgh Area) where the pastor’s wife was an ordained Baptist minister. The Hunts’ have two musical sons Dr. Julian E. (Minister Teresa) Hunt of Pittsburgh and Minister Justin E. (Tracy) Hunt of Baltimore, MD.

Bonita’s Inspiring Story…

Born to Sing…
Without a doubt, Bonita has been anointed to sing! She was born on March 28, 1971 in Stamford,CT and was singing before she could even speak! As early as age 3, Bonita would hear lyrics on the radio and mimic exactly what she heard. During her first live performance, Bonita blew her audience away! People were so impressed and amazed, as they simply couldn’t believe this big voice was coming from such a little girl!

After spending her early years with her parents in Hartford,CT, her family relocated to Kinston, NC in 1974. Bonita would hone her skills while participating in music programs offered in Lenoir County Public Schools. She joined the chorus and in 5th grade, she was chosen to sing “The Way We Were” by Barbara Streisand. When she sang that song, there was not a dry eye in the room. During her 8th & 9th grade years, she was always active in the community, performing at events like NAACP banquets or weddings. She is a graduate of Kinston High School, Class of 1989, an alumni of Craven Community College with an Associates of Arts, and and alumni of the UAFWB Bible College where she graduated as valedictorian of the 2015 class with a Bachelor of Biblical Studies.
To maintain a competitive edge, Bonita took years of private lessons with vocal coaches under the tutelage of Thomasine Hassell, Chantel Hollacheck, the late Wynona Daves, and Martha Mainor.
Bonita’s Singing Career…
At age 12, she started her own gospel singing group, a trio called “Tried by Fire.” Determined and focused, Bonita thrived in her role as band leader and demonstrated her entrepreneurial skills at a very young age. Bonita would open up for all the national recording gospel artists who came to town like Shirley Caesar, John P. Kee, Luther Barnes, The Winans, The Williams Brothers and many others. Bonita has appeared and won first place on numerous occasions at the world famous Apollo Theatre in New York City. By the time she reached high school, she was already considered a professional singer!
Today, Bonita is enjoying the flexibility of being an independent recording artist. Her talent is in high demand, as she is frequently requested to sing at venues and events throughout Eastern North Carolina!
In June of 2017,  Bonita was nominated and won two awards given by The Rhythm of Gospel Awards for Traditional Artist of the Year and Best Performance by a Female Artist in Jacksonville, Florida.
She also in July of 2017 was nominated and recognized as the winner in the Independent Gospel Artist category of Traditional Vocalist of the Year from the Radio Alliance Awards also located in Jacksonville, Florida. 
Although she’s experienced many tribulations, Bonita’s life lessons are part of her unique tapestry that enables her to relate to people who are hurting. One of her biggest accomplishments is her outreach work with those who are incarcerated, sharing God’s love through song. Indeed, Bonita has defined her own success, choosing to embrace an obedient lifestyle according to God’s will for her life and career. She simply allows God to do the navigation and depends solely on Him to direct her career path- living by her motto, “If I make the way, then I’ll have to pay the way. But if I allow HIM to make the way, he’ll pay the way!”
Bonita married her husband/manager, Eric B. Simmons in 1994. They have three wonderful children- Mykeva, E.J. and Landon. In October of 2000, Bonita was ordained into the Ministry as “Elder” by national Bishop Andrew Mcrorey Jr. of the Joy Mission Church of Deliverance, Hartford, CT.
She also continues to serve Family Worship Center, “Ministry of Restoration” where the Pastor is George E. Fields Jr.
Because serving and outreach is a part of the tapestry for Bonita’s unique song ministry, being a part of the legacy of her father, the late, Bishop Landon O. Burney and the ministry that he founded is the reason she serves with great tenacity.
Bonita and her family became members of Without Limits Christian Center in 2016 where the Pastors are James and Le’Conte McIver.
Whenever and wherever there’s a NEED; Bonita serves  ———-

Verna Jones (born on December 1st ), known professionally as Ver’Na is a American Urban Contemporary Gospel songwriter and singer. She has a passion for God, Music and Ministry. Born and raised in Brooklyn NY, she is the second oldest of one sister and three brothers. Ver’Na began singing at the age of three in her home church where she soon became the lead vocalist in the youth choir. Coming from a musically inclined family where her father was a Minister of music and her mother a youth choir director, Ver’Na began to perform in school talent shows and sing in various gospel and youth concerts. At the age of 18, Ver’Na decided to pursue a career in the United States Army.  

Ver’Na is Married to her husband Derek Jones and has four beautiful children. She attends New Beginning Ministries INC. in Ludowici Ga, under the Apostolic anointed covering of Bishop James and Apostle Cheryl Roberts. 

Ver’Na uses her gift to minister to others using her life testimonies and God’s Grace, Mercy and Favor to draw souls unto Christ. She is an anointed servant of God ready to embark on whatever God’s plans are for her life. She has been blessed with a multitude of supporters and brothers and sisters in Christ. Ver’Na began her music career in 2016 and since, has released 4 Singles and an EP entitled “All For Your Glory”.

For more information please visit: www. vernamusic23.com

Established in April of 2016, Ealy Music Group is an independent record label that is based in Cameron, North Carolina. We are dedicated to empowering God’s people and contributing to the success of artists and associates.  

Ealy Music Group was created and developed by Lamarcus and Shamikia Ealy. Before venturing out in this business, Lamarcus worked under another record label, Center  Sound Records. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Audio Production and has more than 7 years of experience under his belt.

Our company was born out of the desire to reclaim the world and all of its resources for the Kingdom of God, starting with the music and entertainment industry. With Joshua 1:3 as our goal and promise, Ealy Music Group will become a label designed to drastically impact the lives of artists and supporters locally, regionally, and globally. We do this by providing music that uplifts and inspires the hearts of listeners.

Ealy Music Group (EMG) mission is to minister the Gospel of the Kingdom through song throughout the world, and to infiltrate this world’s entertainment system and have dominion over it. We capitalize on the growing entertainment market across the world through the production and promotion of high quality entertainment. EMG will become highly profitable through the sale of pre-recorded music product (compact discs/cassettes/digital), in addition to revenues generated from ancillary profit centers. EMG will own and control the masters (master copies), copyrights and licenses of its product, which will enable EMG to create immediate revenue streams while growing its music catalog into a multi-million dollar asset.

For more information, please visit: www.ealymusicgroup.net

“I will give you every place where you set your foot, as I promised Moses.”

– Joshua 1:3