Derrell Dukes is a gospel singer and minister of music from Greensboro, NC. Surrounded by music since childhood, this singer/vocalist, contemporary blend songwriter, producer, and composer has a deep appreciation for harmonic Foundation such as Gospel, or R&B, and Jazz. Derrell formally introduced himself to the gospel nation in 2007 when he was appointed the opportunity to sing weed on the single it’s all good from the freshmen CD, It’s All Good by artist Todd Curry & Focus. In July 2014, Derrell debated his first single, You’re Always There, as a solo artist. Derrell’s 2015 Rhythm of Gospel Award nominations for Contemporary Male Vocalist of the year and Alternative Christian song of the year for You’re Always There are the latest of long-term accomplishments. His second single, recently released entitled I’m Moving, is currently available on All Digital Outlet as well as on radio stations around the country.

JR Reynolds is a multi-award winning playwright, author, minister of music, and founder of Eagle Vision Productions. The gospel singer, born in Raleigh, North Carolina, reared by devoted parents and his top supporters was introduced to Gospel music at an early age. Rooted in the C.O.G.I.C. church, he began to show his passion for music and bless congregations of over a hundred worshippers. His gifts and talents flourished and expanded into other ministries of Kingdom entertainment such as writing, producing, directing, and more.

Moving to Atlanta as a youth, only fueled the hunger to further develop his anointed crafts in the music and arts ministry. JR Reynolds has blessed many stages: Roxanne Smith-Muggin’s Musical “Once on This Island”; Lee Franklin’s stage play “The Refiners”; Calvin Mitchell’s “Can You Keep a Secret”; Teresa Jordan’s “When a Man Loves a Woman”. JR has operated behind the stage and assisted with multiple productions. With his own hands, he has even built stages for his own plays such as “Love Is All It Takes” (I & II) and, the most recent, “God’s Plan”.

The original signature song for “God’s Plan” has been composed into the hottest gospel worship EP that’s about to usher the world into praise. “God’s Plan” the single will be available globally September 29, 2020. Just like JR’s single “ATL Pray”, this song will be timeless and have a universal message that everyone can relate and pull inspiration. All in “God’s Plan”. Find JR Reynolds on all social media platforms as @mreaglevision2020jr and prepare for your new favorite worship song.


Nicoshia Wynn is a singer, songwriter, and speaker who loves to encourage others through leading worship and her unwavering faith in Christ. Nicoshia was inspired to write her new single after her youngest son was born a day shy of 25 weeks, weighing 1 pound and 14 ounces (he was about the size of a half sheet of paper). Her son was in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at the University of Minnesota Masonic Children’s Hospital for more than 100 days, during which he was on a ventilator for 8 weeks (touch and go), had heart surgery, approximately 3 -5 infections (pneumonia and e-coli) and was diagnosed with a lung disease called Bronchopulmnary Dysplasia (BPD).

This experience activated her faith and trust in God. After four long months of Nicoshia’s son being in the NICU, he was discharged from the hospital two weeks prior to Christmas and was called the “miracle baby” by doctors because he beat all of the statistics and odds of being severely premature.

As Nicoshia reflected on this experience and others, she knew that her and her husband’s strength during difficult times was only because of God’s holiness, awesomeness, and their faith! She also knew that no matter what the circumstance was and as painful as it was to see her son in this circumstance, she knew that God still deserved his praise and their worship.

Her new single reflects the essence of God’s goodness and His faithfulness. She hopes that this song will encourage and inspire others to never let their circumstance outrun their worship and love for God.

Nicoshia is the founder of Relentless Academy, a non-profit for youth, arts, and education whose mission is to prepare youth for academic success and resources to build generational wealth for the future. Nicoshia is married and has three beautiful children. She is from Milwaukee, WI, resides in the Twin Cities and is a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.


Kevin Moore is one of today’s most gifted saxophonist. With a style that is smooth, soothing and healing.
Kevin is featured on San Francisco Clear Channel’s KKSF 103.7FM Sampler for AIDS Relief Volume #14, along with David Sanborn, Vanessa Williams, and more.

Kevin has shared the stage with several top artists. (Kirk Whalum, Jonathan Butler, Fred Hammond) and numerous others.
Kevin organized and runs the Nor Cal Music Camp for Bay Area youth, encouraging them in Music, Enrichment and Academics, now in its 8th year.

Kevin is happily married to his loving wife Lisa. Kevin says that “There is no other place he would rather be outside of heaven, than in her arms.” He has been blessed with three wonderful children.

Kevin plays from his heart and it is from his heart that he will… Testify!

Please visit his website by logging on to:

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Dr. Shonda Reynolds is an accomplished author, film producer, life coach and minister whose powerful message of transparency and transformation is saving souls and freeing sufferers from the throes of addiction.
The Pulaski, Tennessee native overcame drug addiction while in rehab in 1997. There, Dr. Reynolds experienced a spiritual awakening that has sustained her 23-year recovery. She became an author in 2013 self- publishing her first book, Dying to Live, a true story of her life being freed from addiction, adultery and unwise decisions, by the power of God.
Dr. Reynolds is a first-generation college graduate, earning a BA in Social Work from Middle Tennessee State University, (MTSU), in 2003 and her first master’s degree in 2010 in Professional Studies in Public Service Management from Cumberland University. She graduated with honors with an earned Doctorate of Ministry from Andersonville Theological Seminary in 2013, and holds a second master’s in Professional Studies in Training and Development from MTSU awarded in 2017.

Dr. Reynolds is an ordained Minister who has published a sequel, Dying to Live (A New Beginning) and Co-Authored/Executive Produced the full-length feature film, STILLGOTJOY, an autobiographical exploration of her journey to triumph.
Dr. Reynolds is the proud mother of sons Keiron and Bryant Nelson, who uses her powerful message of God’s bountiful blessings to be a conduit of His love and to care for His people.

Pastor Timothy R. Newton Sr. is a native of Hamlet, North Carolina. He is the youngest of eight children born to Bishop Artis C. & Mrs. Dorothy H. Newton. Pastor Tim, as he is affectionately known to many, began his preaching ministry in 2002, following the horrific death of his brother and best friend, Mr. Travis J. Newton, Sr. in

2001. This tragic, life – changing event caused Pastor Tim to surrender and submit to the will of God for his life. He has a life changing testimony of how he came to understand that God had chosen and called him to minister to a generation of people that were gifted and talented, but not operating in their call. The mandate on his

Life has opened ministering doors for him throughout the east coast. 

Ministry doors opened in 2012, allowing Pastor Tim to release a sound word to reach the masses during an interview on The Word Network in Durham, North Carolina. He’s ministered several times on The Word Network, hosted by Bishop George G. Bloomer, since April 2012.

The prophetic and healing anointing entrusted unto Pastor Tim God has brought release, restoration and deliverance to many. He has received numerous ministry certifications in his desire to enhance his biblical studies. 

He’s the proud father of one son, Timothy Newton, Jr., who accompanies his father during his ministry travels. Pastor Newton is the senior Pastor of The Flowing Place Ministries; currently located on 110 Bible Way Church Road; Rockingham, North Carolina. Many gather from far and near to witness a demonstrated word of salvation, faith, hope and power. The Flowing Place (formerly Bible Way Ministries) stands firm in its mission to empower, edify and equip the whole man to live Christ-centered lives.

Pastor Newton is a father, vocalist, disciple and ever-learning student of the Word. God has mandated this anointed vessel to reach masses with a word of empowerment. Pastor Tim is also the author of a manual entitled “Misconceptions of Warfare.” He has recently released an empowering book entitled “Power Words.” Pastor Tim will also be releasing LeaderTips (a guide for senior and secondary leaders) and Pastoring with Passion (a guide to restoring pastor’s passion to pastor) in the near future. As he travels the world, Pastor Tim accepts the God given mandate to “Impact Lives, Empower Generations.”

DALE CICERON & PSALMS OF PRAISE Dale Ciceron & Psalms of Praise was established January 2018 under the direction of Dale Ciceron Dale Ciceron is known for his energy and anointing to transform the atmosphere. Psalms of Praise has been birthed under his direction to sing, dance and worship in their own New Jersey style. In times like these Dale Ciceron & Psalms of Praise aka “POP” we exemplify out Mission “To sing songs from the heart to reach the heart of others”.

Konai Adelphe is a Gospel Music Group born out of Knoxville, Tennessee. Their music is a mixture of Traditional and Non-Traditional Gospel Music mingled with some Old School R&B, Neo-Soul, Jazz, Blues, Rap, Reggae, Contemporary music,and sprinkled with a bit of Country! The Founder, Leader, and Song Writer of this eclectic group of female artist is Evangelist Cynthia R. Butler.   She sings with her Sisters Singer\Soloist Ms. Shilia R. Rogers, and Ms. Lacquicia L. Blair, and long time friends Ms. Charlotte Weaver, and Ms. Jacquelyn Rhett.  This exciting bunch of females love to sing, travel, and spread the Word of the Jesus Christ with their wonderful brand of Music Ministry that is Konai!   

The group started wtih the two sisters; Cynthia Butler and Lacquicia Blair who sang with a varity of local R&B groups, they were later joined by sister Shilia Rogers when they began to sing Barber Shop as a base to blend their sound but always with a desire to creat a unique style. By 1991 these three had formed a group known simply as “The Sisters”. In 1992 the sisters then became the “AL Butler Singers” which had other members and was name for their beloved Pastor Dr. Allen L. Butler Sr. of Universal Church of Deliverance in Knoxville, Tennessee where they still attend services. After the seperation of many member of the “AL Butler Singers”, the group restarted under a new name and thus becoming what is now known as “Konai Aldephe”, (Greek for Common and Equal Sisters). Family friend Charlotte Weaver joined the group in late 2013 and long time friend Jacquelyn Rhett joined in late 2014 making up the members as you see them today!   

Konai Adelphe has had their First CD (EP-Version), self titled “Konai Adelphe”released in October 2015.  With the release of this first CD the group found them selves traveling and singing the list of soul stirring songs such as: “God Like An Eagle”, “Blessings”, “God is Watching (High in the Sky)”, “Free” and “Saved”!  Their travels and television appearances include but are not limited to the following: 

February 2017-     “Celebration of Life Event” with Recording Artist Josephine Allen in Labanon, Ohio! 

March 2017 –     Women’s Conference at New Day Covenant Ministries in Lake City, Georgia! 

May 2017 –     Women’s Conference at Power Praise Ministries in Morristown, Tennessee! 

January 2016 –     Appeared on the “Dr. Bobby Jones Presents” which airs weekly on Impact Network! 

May 2016 –     Live Radio broadcast and interview on 107.7 WARP-FM Radio with On-air Personality Mr. Thomas “Superman”             Richardson” in McComb Mississippi! 

May 2016 –     Big Antioch Perkins Road Church in McComb Mississippi! 

June 2016 –       Dr. Bobby Jones’ “Red Carpet Luncheon” 

October 2016 –     Performed at the “Praise Break presented by MGAG (Missorri Gospel Announcers Guild) in Pine Bluff Arkansas. 

September 2014 – Appeared on the “Dr. Bobby Jones Presents” which airs weekly on Impact Network! 

December 2016 – “Children’s Christmas Festival” at Heaven’s Fire Ministry in Panama City, Florida! 

**This group, however; has not limited themselves to just singing songs and praising God, they love to give back and have fun as well by participating in such community events as: 

October 2016 – Official Time Keepers for the 2016 National Senior Olympic’s Swim Competition held in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. 

September 2016 – Members of Konai participated in the Susan G. Komen “Walk for the Cure”! 

July 2017 – Entertaining the many residents with their comical antics and song at the Northshore Senior Assisted Living Center, in Knoxville, TN.   

Some of the groups that have influenced the Konai sound are: James Cleveland, New Jersey Mass Choir, Shirley Caesar, The Mamas and the Papas, The Manhattan Singers, Dolly Parton, Charlie, Pride, Hank Williams Sr., Patsy Cline, Ray Charles, Diana Ross, Aretha Franklin, Roberta Flack, BB King, Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holiday, Ertha Kitts, Etta James, and so many more!