New song by Kaleya Ervin called “Be Strong” is touching lives.

Kaleya Ervin is a young pianist, singer, songwriter, and author. Kaleya was diagnosed as almost completely blind because of the eye disease Salzmann’s Nodular Degeneration (SND). Kaleya thanks God for genius medical technology that created implants that renewed her sight. At the age of 6, Kaleya began playing the piano. She began playing gospel and classical music, singing and composing her own songs. Kaleya has traveled across he United States performing and met many artists, including Richard Smallwood, Pastor John P. Kee, Shirley Ceaser, Dr. Margaret Douroux, Tood Galberth and many more.Kaleya performed at 6 Major League Baseball games representing Mixed Roots Foundation, where she is the junior ambassador. Kaleya is also a youth member for the National Congress of Black Women. Kaleya’s desire is to touch the world with her gift.

Kaleya is also and Author. Her book is titled: Now I See.

Kalelya passion is to help children to discover the music within their Heart, to speak after their Yes, and to not allow their pain or suffering to be their identity and see the Winner within them!

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