New Artist Paul Bill Jr, is going to surprise you

The glory of GOD has blessed us with a pure worshipper to lead us right into the presence of GOD. New to the mainstream gospel music scene, Mr. Paul Bill, Jr. Paul is a native of Detroit, Michigan where he began writing music for the kingdom. This came shortly after becoming a newly converted Christian at the age of 21. Paul is a Contemporary Gospel artist, songwriter, producer and studio engineer. Though Paul is currently located in the Central Illinois region, he brings an inspiring, fresh and energetic sound that can reach hearts and minds around the globe. His mission is to inspire the misunderstood and the lost by sharing the gospel straight from his heart through his songs. Paul’s prayer is that when people hear his music they have a rejuvenating and unique encounter with the Lord that is life changing and long lasting. Paul has traveled sharing his gift throughout central Illinois, St. Louis Missouri, Knoxville Tennessee, Detroit Michigan, and Kentucky. He has also been the opening act for many well-known artists such as Vincent Bohannon, Shanta Atkins, Jesse Prather, and Cedric Shannon Reeves & the Brothers to name a few. Paul believes he can impact lives, inspire hope, and leave a lasting legacy by working hard and remaining dedicated to his calling of creating Inspirational gospel music and sharing it with the world.

In 2021 Paul Bill Jr. signed with Millennium Sound Records where he is expediently pressing ahead with his musical career. Music lovers far and wide be on the look out for the inspiring sounds of this rising gospel music star, Paul Bill, Jr

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