Listen to “He Taught Me How To Love” by Spiritual Soul Artist Hope Sheree

“He Taught Me How To Love” was recorded by Spiritual Soul Artist Hope Sheree formally Hope Askew in her first release since her hiatus six years ago. It was written by Hope, Alfandre Page, and Shelton Flyth. The song was recorded, mixed, and mastered by Josh Haddad, owner of the Virginia Beach Recording Arts. The song was also produced by Ronell (P. Sess) Sessoms. Backgrounds were crooned by Alfandre Page, Hope Sheree, Jazmine Canales, Jelecia “JayDee” Harper, Terese Robinson and Yunassea “KeeKee” Battle.

“He Taught Me How To Love” is an Inspirational ballad, which contains elements of R&B, Soul, Blues, and packs a strong message of awareness in God and how he moves in our lives. This song has a heavy old school sound and pays homage to a dear friend, the late legendary soul singer/writer Mr. Harvey Scales who was signed to Stax Records.

In this song, Hope shares her vulnerability in regard to a very controversial topic – infidelity.  She belts it over superbly laid choir like vocals in a heartfelt dance full of passion and pain in the rarest form. The song simply relays the relationship between the pain we feel when life is unfair and how God wishes to teach us to love through it. Hope says, “No matter what I go through in this life, it is God teaching me how to love”.

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