Introducing Recording Artist and song writer out of Atlanta Georgia Reggie Boone.

Reggie Boone, singer/songwriter and recording artist extraordinaire, possesses a smooth, unique, soulful and dynamic sound that redefines the genres of pop, hip -hop and rhythm and blues. Reggie captivates and mesmerizes his audience from beginning to finale. The power and passion of his performance is undeniable, and his charisma unmistakable! From the moment this gifted singer graces a stage, you know that you ’re in for a n encounter you ’ll never forget! Feel the music and get to know the awesome sound s of The “Incomparable Reggie Boone ” as he ’s never been seen before. Reggie’s lastest album “MADE OF LOVE”released 2018 packed a mean punch! Reggie had the opportunity to work with the legendary Felton Pilate whom arranged the music for the majority of the songs on the album. Songs were written by Reggie. Ramrock Records in the (UK) signed Reggie in 2018. Releasing the North Street Remix “Made of Love”  “In A Perfect World” another masterpiece created by the duo once again legendary Felton Pilate of the funk group CONFUNKSHUN! Incomparable Reggie Boone the latest release 2020 available now on ALL DIGITAL PLATFORMS!! What’s Cooking with Reggie Boone doing a little hosting on cooking show! Reggie has worked and is working with a few Big names in the business and is looking forward to whats to come. A recognized United States and U.K. favorite, Reggie Boone’s brand is well on its way to becoming a household name internationally! Sales are going up, radio play is expanding around the globe! it brings me joy says Reggie, and I will always make music that will inspire all men women and children to love GOD and to love one another until the end of time! INCOMPARABLE REGGIE BOONE!!GOD IS GOOD/ALL THE TIME!!   

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