Christian Hip Hop Artist Bree Miles is NOT only a awesome Artist with a NEW hit singled called “Crazy Faith”, she’s also a Book Author, Motivational Speaker and MORE!!!!

Always bold, always honest, always real, always Brea. Brea Miles is a significant player to the genre known as Christian Hip Hop. With three projects that topped iTunes top 20 and several tours to include military under her belt. Dubbed “ The female Tye Tribbett and Kirk Franklin” by 89.5 FM radio Seattle. Her prolific style and electrifying stage performance makes Brea one of a kind. 

Born in Richmond, Virginia. Yet raised between North and South Carolina. Brea has a flavor of her own. Deeply rooted in her faith she communicates her passion for Jesus throughout her music.   

Get Ya Faith Up!

Everyone sees the end result of success, blessings, and promise. But most don’t know what it takes to attain purpose. Mainly because no one has taken the time to show us how. So we struggle to find the fullness of who God has created us to be. We spend our days and nights trying to figure out how we can become the vision of ourselves that we see.

In Get Ya Faith Up, Brea shares how you can activate all of the power that you possess. By tapping into your god-like divinity. In this devotional Brea walks us through some of the hardest moments of her life how she overcame life altering circumstances and used them to fuel her faith. She also shows you how to:

• Hear from God

• Defeat your fears

• Step into your position of authority

• Attain your promise

If you’re ready to win and experience spiritual, mental, and emotional freedom. This book is for you. It’s time to “Get Ya Faith Up”

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